Trusted by several users and companies worldwide, Zendesk is the foremost cloud-based customer service solution that assists thousands of companies in providing professional support to their customers. Companies such as Groupon and Sony are using Zendesk to increase productivity and raise customer satisfaction. Zendesk is appreciated by their customers for its effectively simple interface. It flawlessly incorporates all of your support outlets including chat, web, email, and the social media.

Zendesk offers multiple contact points to get in touch with customers through your email, website, voice, chat, and other social media sites. You will encourage customers to get one or numerous support forums from your website coupled with connection to support request forms. The forum provides customers or visitors’ information about your services and products while support request corresponds to the official Zendesk ticket in your system. To correspond to modifications as well as manage a help desk, you will need to add and construct content to a knowledge base. 

Creative ways to post FAQs, community remarks and questions are essential to help answer problems before they happen and bring value to the customers. Agents may allow open comments from requesters and work together on tickets accessible by shared views created by the administrator. Sharing tickets with new Zendesk accounts allows you to work impeccably with supply chain associates for any size function. You can also characterize a response widget to your online store or website for knowledge base search or ticket submission.

Reasonably priced, Zendesk provides a starter plan for 3 agents for as low as $1 per agent per month. The enterprise, plus, and regular plans are established on per agent usage with different pricing and discounted when acquired on a yearly basis. A free trial is also available for a limited period of time.