Shopify is easy to use. So easy you could set it up yourself. However we recommend you use a Shopify Expert like Boutique Business Consulting. Here's why:

1. We will set up your site so that it is optimised for sales. There are two component to this. The first component is getting traffic. We will make sure that the website is optimised for search engines - this will help you get seen quicker. The second component is coverting the traffic that visits into sales. This means we will help you choose the themes and apps we know will deliver conversions.

2. Its not always easy to get your website to look good. Looking good is important. Your website is often your customer's first contact with your brand and you need to make an impression. Unless you have design experience its not always easy to look good or to configure to theme to exactly match your brand. We can help you look impressive.

3. Every business is unique and sometimes you need unique features on your website. Shopify is infinitely customisable if you know how to code. So if you need a feature that isn't in a theme or an app we can help it be developed.

If you decide to set it up yourself and then decide you need help - no problem. We can assist at any step in the process. Contact us for a quote. Or if you know what you need simply purchase the product from our consulting e-boutique.