Today I continue the series "Learn the Secrets of Successful Websites". This series is based on my own experience and a recent report by BigCommerce and Paypal. BigCommerce is a leading online ecommerce platform and Paypal is the world's leading online payment system.

Tip Two: Product Images - they need to be good.
Online stores need to invest in good quality images.
- The images need to be big - ideally 1000 px on the longest side.
- They need to also ideally be on a white background.
- You should take the photos of the products from several angles.
- Photos of people using the products

A great example is this site - that takes photos of the glasses from different angles.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 3.53.56 PM.png

As a small business owner I know its expensive to have photos taken if your suppliers do not provide them. However its really important for the customer see the product so that they know what they are buying. Think of all the top sites in the world. Their images are amazing. The quality of your images do speak to your level of professionalism. Images make the difference.