Tip #3 - Add Videos to your website.

Videos increase engagement. The stats from analysing BigCommerce data said that customers stay on the site 9% longer and are 65% more likely to buy. You can create all kinds of videos for your site. You can create product videos that allow you take close up views of your products. You can create "How to Videos" about your business niche.

The videos you create can be easily embedded into your site from Youtube or Vimeo. We recommend that you start a channel on Youtube and add all your video content there. Be sure to tag with your business keywords and link each video back to your site. This is great for SEO. Be sure to use an engaging title. Ideally the title should be similar to what the customer will be searching for eg "How to put on makeup" is better than "Makeup Instruction Video". Ideally create content for both Vimeo and Youtube but call it a different name, with different keywords as Google does not like duplicate content.

So how do you create videos when you have NO budget. Creating a video is very easy. Simply create a nice looking Powerpoint presentation. Use a lot of images and very few words (think Steve Jobs). Download Screen-O-Matic. Screen-O-Matic will record your screen as you move through the presentation on the screen and record your voice talking at the same time. This is a simple and easy way to create unique content for Youtube. With Screen-O-Matic you can also use your video cam to record yourself giving the presentation is you feel comfortable doing this and you have a nice background and lighting. So girls.... no excuse, video is easy

If you would like more advice on how to create video content for your site - please contact me.

Here is an app to help you.



Until next time.....