Concierge – Reliable Business Backup

What is it?
An application of optimized implementations with OSGi R3 framework.

How does it work?
Concierge is file footprint of approximately 80 KB, which makes it ideal for embedded and mobile devices. These devices are typically less optimized and more focused on compactness, for their use of VMs. For example, purely interpreting VMs is often observed to damage the performance of any existing OSGi framework implementations. When designing Concierge these factors have been kept in mind. It uses resources in a careful way for providing considerably better performance in resource-constraint environments.

What is the benefit to my business?
Inter- operability and compatibility of framework implementations with existing OSGi have been a vital aspect at the time of designing and testing Concierge. To be able to enable easy testing and migration process, Concierge supports both Oscar style and Knopflerfish system. One just needs to place the JAR framework in his working directory to test Concierge. It is expected that it will be able to function without any extra adaptations. Only one might have to adjust some of the startup properties. Concierge does not otherwise feature the service tracker service as part of framework. If one’s existing set up has the use of service tracker, one only need to add the Concierge service tracker to his configuration. Normally, Concierge runs without shell. But to have a shell, one needs to add shell-X.jar to the initial bundles. Profiles can be defined and used for restart. The idea of profile is to have different bundles, which can be restarted at any point of time

How much does it cost?
One needs to incur an annual expense of about $240 to enjoy the benefits of this software.

How can we help?
Online businesses can customize their suitable version of concierge and recognize special customers who add value to the products and services associated with the business. An online store owner can have a 24/7 access to PC and electronics experts via phone and live chat to set up proactive maintenance and data backup. In this way, he can get his business going smoothly, without ant hassle.