Plug in SEO – Online Rank Modifier

What is it?
Plug in SEO is a web app that recommends profitable measures in search engine optimizations, implements those measures and quantifies traffic and conversion benefits of them. This software analyzes and keeps a track on keywords, conversions, inbound links, URLs, content, and other SEO factors regarding the customers’ and the competitors’ website. The software does not automate SEO. Rather, it is a consistent stream of brief and specific guidance for such users who have no prior knowledge of SEO.

How does it work?
Plug in SEO identifies the problem issues those are worth fixing. One needs only to sign up and install the app. It analyzes one’s website through integrated results from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Once the course of analysis gets completed one receives some simple instructions about how to fix a problem. Once this is done, the rest is quite automatic a process. A regular checking takes place to one’s website and necessary measures are advised.

What is the benefit to my business?
Plug in SEO can be truly helpful for online business owners. Any online business depends a lot on how many online visitors pay visit to its website and what sort of activities they are about in the context of that website. Taking effective measures with its regular SEO improvements, an online store owner or businessman helps increasing the trade’s visibility to more number of people every time. The more number of visitors he can reach through attractive ranking in the search engine results, the better possibility he would get to gain prospective customers. With automatic implementations associated with the tool, users get the suggestions and proper execution of a strategy for the betterment of their rank in popular search engine result pages. The increased improvement in search engine result rank gradually earns him more sales and more profit thereby. 

How much does it cost?
For full-fledged package of Plug in SEO, one needs to bear an expense of $180 approximately.