SEO Meta Manager – Online Status Builder

What is it?
SEO Meta Manager is the downloadable software app that helps improve viability of any business in most reputed search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

How does it work?
It controls how one’s products are shown on result pages of search engines. Doing so, it drives traffic to the user’s shop with improved descriptions and product titles. It takes the process of SEO on one’s store to a better level, and lets the owner enjoy full control on how he likes his products, collections to be displayed in the results made by search engines. Naturally, with more attractive results, better product descriptions and titles, more people are drawn to the store’s site, resulting in increased sales.

What is the benefit to my business?
A powerful app, SEO Meta Manager helps one’s content getting listed in the results shown by search engine. Using the most exciting titles and product description for SEO, one ensures better prospects for his business. The app requires making slight modifications to one’s existing site’s theme. It involves written walk-through on the process and video tutorial, apart from usage tutorials. In case the user feels to get assistance at any point of time, he can seek help from the app’s tech support team. Installing the app, one gets Google Search Result Simulator, as a bonus tool, with which one can always simulate what his listings will look like at the time he updates his Meta information.

How much does it cost?
One needs to bear a onetime expense ranging from $30 to $50 to get his SEO Meta Manager.

How we can help?
SEO Meta Manager can prove to be very beneficial for an online store owner. Ensuring proper listing with the expert techniques of this app, an online store owner augments the visibility of his online store to more online visitors, which increases his opportunity to turn those visitors into potential customers more in numbers, by convincing online status of his store.