ShopPad – Online Business Organizer

ShopPad is a complete solution application for the retailer who seeks to optimize the desktop store for iPhone, iPad and Android without any hassle or extra cost for maintaining different sites. With simple point-and click interface, one’s store can be running on various mobile devices within just five minutes. Any type of mobile device brings new consideration as per interaction, performance etc, which most of the stores are not equipped to implement by their own. But this means these stores are losing sales, revenue, and quite possibly the customer too, forever. ShopPad gives instant solution to this and makes an online business tremendously flourished by the huge traffic of customers to any shop.

ShopPad connects automatically one’s store, and regularly syncs one’s product and category information. Then configuring the app with simple point and click interface, the user can increase AOV and improve his conversion rate.  Customers also love to use it, as with it they get a beautiful, touchable, swipe ‘able shopping experience. It may look like an ordinary app, but it is 100% HTML5 web-based. Without downloading or installing anything, customers can be led straight to shopping. Also it improves social reach of any business owner to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and email.

This App is a great help for online shop owner. He always needs to generate possible customer flow to his shop, which he must execute in attractive online ways. Nothing more than the usage of mobile app can one design the maximum amount of potential customer-generation within shortest possible time. With this application, the owner does exactly this. Informing in today’s technologically suitable way, he ensures maximum potential prospect to explore, and thereby maximum profit to earn.

It is a free app with which an online trader or business owner can make considerable profit.