What is Respondify - Boost Email Campaign?
How can this help in your business?

Respondify has made it easier for online marketers to boost their revenue by sending personalised emails to customers. Whether you are looking for ways and means to increase the customer engagement, feedback or retention, this email marketing app will help you realise your all marketing goals. With the help of this app, you can customise your Mailchimp campaigns or perform the real email marketing campaign with greater ease. If you think that email marketing holds an edge over SEO, Social or SEM in terms of conversion rates and ROI, Respondify is for you.

Now, you can send emails to your present customers without lifting a finger. Respondify will help you with an auto responder while sending business-related emails to your clients. It can be a powerful sales force to ensure improved sales and revenue and helps you out with reclaiming pending bank transfers, improving customer retention and circulating targeted emails for cross-selling. It is easier to launch and manage the entire marketing campaign from the dashboard and adjust the parameters of your marketing campaign at no additional cost.

With the help of this tool, you can send the emails asking your customers about their buying experience with you and suggestions, if they have any. You should always keep in mind that customer loyalty is very important in the online market; this app automatically creates emails and reminds customers about the new and old products available at the store, from time to time.

There are many virtues of Respondify to make it a huge hit in the online market. First and foremost thing is that it accepts HTML templates and liquid tags. So, if you have the Respondify, you just need to paste the HTML code in the email body box of template. Secondly, if you want to keep track of the performance of this app, make sure to tag your URLs, so that customers could click on.

How much Does this cost?

All of such high quality services are offered to you only at the cost of $149.00 per month, or if you are lucky enough, it is free of cost for you.