Fanplayr Social Coupons - Monetizing Social Consumers

What is it?
Brands as well as Ecommerce sites are constantly adopting newer strategies from time to time to not only influence but also monetize social consumers. So, why don’t you take help of Fanplayr Social Coupons to access as well as influence social consumers across email newsletters, commerce pages, web pages, mobiles and even digital ads? You can even get these coupons to reach your social consumers through the Facebook and Twitter pages. Where the world of digital marketing runs short of creative resources in times of necessity, Fanplayr Social Coupons can be the perfect alternative in letting you build, test and even launch your very own campaign.

How does it work?
Fanplayr Social Coupons once installed will help you create email lists for the purpose of re-targeting. In other words, one can create email lists for potential social consumers so that they can be accessed easily. In fact, Fanplayr can help social consumers give importance to their friends, and in this way one will be able to allure social traffic and sales. With its 1-2-3 set up wizard, Fanplayr makes it easier for you to create an absolutely branded campaign. So, you don’t need to work too hard for converting traffic to sales because the Fanplayr Social Coupons will serve this purpose with perfection.

What is the benefit to my business?
Adding Fanplayr Social Coupons to the online store will certainly help businessmen transform their old and boring marketing strategies to new and interesting ones. Moreover, accessing this app and making good use of it will help them enhance their social sales.

How much does it cost?
Fanplayr Social Coupons comes with different pay packages for different schemes. For instance, those who will be taking the Bronze scheme will be paying $49 monthly and can collect up to 100 coupons; for the silver scheme, one will have to pay $99 per month, and can collect up to 250 coupons; for the gold scheme, $250 comes as the monthly charge and one can collect up to 1000 coupons. Enterprises will be given a 7-day free trial period but can collect unlimited coupons per month.