Google Offers – Increase in Sales and Purchases

What is it?
Google Offers is an online way to avail discounts on the products and services one seeks. The discount can be availed from local businesses and brand-name stores. What one needs to do is only to save any offer to his or her account to consider later, or use that instantly. Google Offers can be found across Google and the web accompanying searching process. One can also find it on Google Maps for Mobile, Google wallet, Google+, Google Offers website and mobile apps.

How does it work?
Finding any offer, one first comes across “Get Offer” or “View Offer” tab. He needs to select it to claim the offer, and save that to his Google account. One can always get his access to the offer from any internet-availed device, like PC, laptop and even mobile phones.

What is the benefit to my business?
With the use of Google Offers app, Google Wallet app, or Google Maps for mobile phones, one can get back to the offers. One can also directly visit Google Offers website, where he has to sign in first, and clicking on “Your Offers” tab at the top right-hand corner of the page, start processing his claim. Usually, one claims his offer instantly if he finds any offer when he is at any store and finds a relevant offer on his mobile phone. He can also keep his offers to claim later on. Whatever it is, to avail the benefits, he has to show the offer to the cashier at checkout.

How much does it cost?
The cost one needs to bear to promote his products through Google Offers is not specific, anyway. However, one can start with about $15.

How we can help?
Google invites online businessmen to enlist their support and participation, which is Google’s initiative to make new products and connect businesses with customers in online ways. As the owner of an online store, one can always communicate with Google for increasing his sale in this way.