What is it?
Google AdWords recently launched Website Call Conversions which Google describes as a "powerful way to identify and measure calls from a website that occur after an ad click."

After placing a snippet of code onto your website, a unique forwarding number is generated on your website every time a potential customer clicks on one of your AdWords ads. 

Once a prospective customer calls the unique Google number, you are able to attribute the call conversion and conversion value back to the keyword and ad that drove the customer to call your business. 

This is an important development as a large proportion of your AdWords leads will pick up the phone rather than fill out an online form. Previously, unless expensive 3rd party call tracking was implemented, it was difficult to attribute call leads directly to AdWords. 

The unique number continues to display for up to 90 days after the initial click-through to capture any calls that might be made by a returning customer.

Google also stated that these numbers can be stylised to match your brand guidelines, including customisable colours, fonts and sizes.

How can we use it for your campaign?
Utilising Call Conversion information, advertisers will be better placed to understand which keywords and ads are driving phone leads as well as, which ads and subsequent calls are more valuable for their business.

As a result of this detailed information, we can optimise AdWords campaigns to drive more valuable calls based on Cost Per Acquisition or Return On Ad Spend targets.

This also allows for flexible bid strategies that consider signals such as the user's device, location and the time of day they’re searching, to make auction-time bid adjustments that maximise website call conversions and reach business goals.

Website Call Conversions are now available to Australian AdWords customers. The feature works with click-to-call ads and can be used alongside other call tracking products. Reporting on website call conversions is available in Call Details and through standard conversion reporting.

If you have any questions regarding Website Call Conversions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or simply comment below.