Dropifi Contact Widget - Turn your visitors into customers

What is it?
Dropifi seeks to clear out the era of long and scary contact forms that deny businesses of valuable feedback and leads, whiles delivering business insight and a spam-free experience to customer engagement

How does it work?
In less than a minute, seamlessly deploy our simple and intuitive contact widget and get real time enquires from your customers on your website. Dropifi seamlessly engages customers whiles they are on any pages of your store without any destruction. This App delivers spam free experience to customer’s engagement. Using Dropifi contact widget, businesses can see incoming messages treading data in relation to industry metric, sees the demographic and social media profiles of the message senders, it examines the real emotions behind the messages they receive which easily integrate into your workflow.

What is the benefit to my business?
With this tool, companies can generate more business leads, make better business decisions, offer a more personalized and better customer service experience, save time, increase productivity



How much does it cost?
It only takes 60 seconds to install this app. It customizes everything example, text on tab, colors, labels and templates for sending messages and many more. You can choose from three pricing pack. Starter, business or Pro, which includes free trial periods.