Taggle - Power, Social, Innovative Review System

What is it?
Taggle is a powerful, social, innovative review system that helps you understand your customers and boost your sales.

How does it work?
In todays world people consult online reviews before making a buying decision. These reviews can increase sales. Taggle can generate and share most of the reviews easily. From clean, responsive design to sharing and analytics, Taggle aims to provide the most valuable feature set of any review system




What is the benefit to my business?
Taggle combines five key elements making better review experience. These elements are universal, which is the first platform, which reviews organizations, people, products service or anything. Personal, is the only platform that gets it users personalized reviews of products and also suggestion. Social, shows what your friends or favorites celebrities say about something. Controllable, this system can control how reviews are sorted and responded to negatives reviews. Simple to use in whatever platform you use example, wordpress, magento, shopify.

How we can help?
Taggle helps you understand your customers by tracking what they review and who they interact with. Understanding the social circles and demographics of your customers. It also makes you easy to learn about your competitors and how similar brands are reviewed, which gives you advantages in improving your business.

How much does it cost?
Its easy to use and doesn’t cost you anything.