Being up to date with the latest marketing trends can help us shape the image of our company or new product. We shouldn’t always follow them, for being original is what will make us stand out. Now that we are almost half way in 2014 clear logo design trends has become more evident. 
Logo design is one of many areas of design that looks easy but is very difficult to pull off successfully. When you’re designing a logo for a new company or brands, it’s a hugs challenge to create something that will grab attention in right way, by looking current and contemporary without shortening your logos shelf life. In other words, you don’t want it to look old fashioned, but neither do you want it to look very new that will quickly date.

To help you guide through, we’ve have about 6 biggest logo trends of this recent time.

  1. Black and white – a adequate logo should always hold its own black and white. The classic design is the latest trends in 2014 as designers abandoned from vibrant colours to stand out with bold typographic management.
  2. Mosaic patterns –is becoming more popular in logos, used to represent such concepts as growth values coming together. The colour palette makes a considerable impact on mosaic itself, organic colours example sky blue, grassy greens or brown are becoming increasingly popular.
  3. Focus – logos doesn’t have to be crisp and sharps, selective focus can be used to create subtle misty qualities that bring a logo to attention by fade into the background.
  4. Incomplete – missing links and simple illusions can result in very sophisticated branding solutions.
  5. Splatters and watercolor – watercolor is one of the big logo design trends of the moment. It creates a beautiful, stylish identity for any company.
  6. Moire’- the kind of optical created by converging and colliding grid like patterns are becoming more and more popular within branding and identity design.