Just like every other element of web design, color palettes follow fade that are constantly evolving. This year the color trends ate as diverse as they are compelling. Typically dark colors are reserved as accent colours in web design because it’s tough to read something on a dark background. But in 2013, dark colours like black, dark brown, dark grey and dark blue were being used front and center to draw attention to the content. While darker colours are often used to evoke luxury or sophistication, this year website colour trends add a bit of edginess using various techniques. Web designers gave basic grey a facelift, adding a twist of pastel to make website more interesting and inviting to read. Greys accented with bright pastel colours provided great contract and gave a modern, practical look to sites.
Known as a rejuvenation colour, basic green provided a sense of clarity to website. The gradient tones of emerald green also make viewing easy on the eyes and prevent eye fatigue.

It’s always a great look when the color palette of a site is carried through to the photography. Outstanding effects can be achieved by colorizing images., but for less stylizing option, its significant to be able to find imagery with the perfect colours for your projects. One of the simplest ways to make any site look fresh and up to date is to make sure its trend with its colour arrangement, so don’t delay to play around with latest ideas, the color palettes of this year are based on solid code that will look good and stand up to refined alterations for as long as they are in use.