When ever you launch a website, your main objective is probably to draw visitors in, regardless if it’s a lot of people or just a few. Designers have always faced the almost daunting task of optimizing a website to their best ability.  The design has to be straight forward, clean, informative and instant. Its not an easy task when you look at how much you usually want to pack into a website. If you want a lot of stuff to present, this task can even become almost impossible. Looking at it from the simplest perspective will allow you to sift through what is really necessary. The most critical elements should always be present on your website, no matter if you like them or not. A user needs a way to identify your content quickly and easily. But what are the critical elements of a website anyways.
There are of course many different ways to determine what the critical elements of a websites, if you are selling something on your website,it becomes even more important to look over your website structure. The slightest change can make your sales increase by 100% or more. We have personally seen this happen many times, and sometimes its just a matter of trial and error. Clicking om heat maps are also a great way to see just how your visitors navigate your website and where their mouse is positioned most of the time when they are browsing your website.
There are loads of these services available on the internet, and most of them are free. So have a look at this great and implement these 12 critical elements right where you know your visitors are clicking and you will see with a little bit of tampering you will increase those sales quite a bit. Its important remember that visitor behavior is always changing. The internet is always morphing entity that will change any browsers behavior on the internet, and on your website as well, so keep track of what your visitors are doing. Where they come from and how you present your content, detail or information and you will most likely be able to marry the two over and over again to create the absolute best optimization for presenting these 12 critical elements on your website.