What is it?
Returns are not just something every store should handle; they’re an extremely important marketing tool. Now there is an app that allows you to create and manage returns in a professional and in very simple way to use.

How does it work? And what is the benefit to my business?
The returns manager app allows you to embed a simple to use return management from where your customers can quickly request a return, as well as look up the status of previous returns. It can be embedded on any page in your store with piece of code. You can customize the area above and below it on the page and as well you can enter html in various areas of the manager to help your customers or give special instructions. It also provide a robust admin where you can manage all of your customer’s returns request
example of some features are:

  • Return one or multiple items from an order
  • Add custom notes to a return
  • View notes that the store adds to returns
  • And it’s mobile friendly

How much does it cost?
The returns manager app is available for free for 30 days, then for the low monthly price of $ 19.99.

How we can help?
You’re not just forced to have one return rule for every product in your store, no matter what returns rules you create for product you have a screen in your admin that allows you to override them and create a return for any products you like.  The returns manager interface that the customer use to submit a return is clean and effective. It’s also 100% responsive so it will work on mobile themes as well. Every aspect of this app is 100% customizable. And is build in some user friendly tools to edit basic things like background, borders, fronts etc…..