What is it?
TubeMogul is a video advertising and marketing company. TubeMogul provides real-time video advertising for a verity of video platforms and devices. Advertising can be customized and localized for different areas and audiences. The TubeMogul API allows developers to access and integrate the data and functionality of TubeMogul with other applications. Some example API methods include uploading videos, accessing uploading status accessing video detailing, accessing statistics, and deleting videos.

How does it work?
Persuading a target audience, at scale with digital advertising is getting more difficult. By offering the impact and scale of television with the targeting and measurement of digital, our platform helps brands solve many of those challenges in today’s digital world.
A single dashboard view gives clients access to full campaign metrics while flexible analytic tools allows for at a glance performance data based on customizable KPIs. Features like bulk placement and in line editing tools, universal search, keyboard shortcuts for platforms power users have been designed to help streamline workflow and allow our clients to forces on campaign performance, not pitfalls.

What is the benefit to my business?
The world’s largest brands and agencies unify their video advertising on TubeMogul’s programmatic platform. With our advertising software solution, tubemoguls platform interface truly highlights a focus on simplify the programmatic video ad buying process. Each product, tool and feature of the platform is thoughtfully built with the user in mind and offers an intuitive approach to creating and managing video ad campaigns at scale.

Below Infographic shows how TubeMogul works

How much does it cost?
TubeMogul’s one-load services are free for users distributing new media. Users can select among several tiers of services, which include additional features and increased usage capabilities.