How to increase online sales

There is a way to get you to increase your online sales. And don’t worry, you wont have to do anything suspicious or participate in any tricks.
When most people start selling online, they often create extensive products and service list. They think having a little something for everyone will help them get more sales. The problem is people think more is better, but in the real world long products list are conversion killers. And if you want to increase your sales by 10000% you must streamline your offerings.
Buying products and services is mentally taxing. In most cases, it’s not a black and white answer. You need to understand the available information, evaluate if it is the right fit, compare it to competitors and then decide whether to buy or not to buy. When you have an exhaustive products list. Your prospects will have to go through the above decision-making process for each item on the list.
That’s a ton of work, and it also leads to what social psychologist call choice overloaded. To summaries when people are confronted with several options, they often pick none of them and move on to something else.  Fewer option means more sales in a supermarket. But how does this work online? Is there a magic number of option that gives you maximum sales? If you are online retailer you should aim between 4-6 options. People who shop retails tends to browse so showing off more option allows you to capture their attention without them choice overload for example amazon who is known for their rigorous sales testing, showing up to maximum 6 books per customer who bought this also bought section.
If you are selling software as a service as in required a monthly fee in exchange for using your software the magic number seems to fall 4-5, in general when people need service they don’t want more or less then they need. On one hand you need to satisfy your light user and on the other you want to satisfy your heavy users, but in both cases you don’t want either group to feel like they getting more than they need because they may cancel the service.
If you’re an information product seller, you should focus on the product at a time. That’s how all the big marketers do it.

The reasoning is simple. People want to buy information from people who are experts so if you split up your focus, people may doubt your ability to teach them.