Start of every year is always an exciting time for businesses to look ahead and wonder what the coming year will bring ahead. There are lots of changes in store this year. Especially for people who work in technology and web design.
Last year we saw a slide of new trends, some of which have begun to fade out and others that stuck around and are will going strong. While this year is just getting started, we take a look at some of the web design trends that have been started to emerge.

  • Flat design - Was one of the biggest trends to emerge last year (2013) and it is going strong.
  • Experimental typography – more designers are having fun with fonts and injecting them with new personalities. These fonts have a little funkier than standard serif or san-serif font like Time New Roman etc.  We have already seen some designers begin to add uniqueness to the fonts their using in logos and on websites., while some are fun and playful other artistic but still professional.
  • Slide out menus- Allows you to view the content of the website without distraction. A slide out menu can be toggled from the top or side of your screen to reveal the rest of the sites content in a seamless way that doesn’t interrupt your browsing experience. It’s a nice way to browse without getting distracted.
  • Big Background Video- this new trend is making waves. Video playing on your site that fills up the entire screen, providing your audience with an inside looks into your company or business. Using this can make your website stand out from others, where customers and readers feel connected to you and your brand in a way never before was possible.
  • Endless scrolling- scrolling through a website is faster and easier than having to click links to access various information. New design techniques allow the content to be impeccably organized and formatted in a way that super easy to read and digest. Long scrolling site can change layout and design as you are scrolling.
  • Simple color schemes- this New Year we will see a lot more website using only one or two color instead of using numerous graphic and animation of the past. A new trend is to use one bright clean background color and to include images. It’s super friendly to use.
  • Focus on mobile- designers are working more on keeping sites functioning on mobile devices and developers are helping the cause along too.