Have you ever wondered whether your website is good enough?
Interesting question?
My answer is No!

How can I be so guaranteed?
Because every website can be improved. There is no website in presence where 100% of visitors take the particular action the website owner wants. Which means there always room for improvement. This leads to the next commonsense question of “how to improve your website”? To answer this, start figuring out the primary goal of your page. Is it to generate online sales, get visions to complete a form, inspire visitors to call or get folk to click and promote your site on social media? Once you understand your goal, think the path through which visitors must travel to attain this goal, for example. If you sell one product on your website, the desired path for visitors to take might be to visit your homepage, click your product sales page to learn more about your offering, click the order button to get back order form, then complete the order form to arrive at your thank you page.

This path is known as your conversion channel, as the key to success is to improve every piece of the channel. For example, on your website 30% of visitors proceed to your order form, finally 40% of the remaining visitors complete the order and arrive on your thank you page. In this case 2.4% of all visitors completed the channel.

The key to improving your conversion rate and the success of your website is to improve each page in your conversion channel, in fact if you increase the conversion rate of each page in your channel, by 10 %, then your overall conversion rate grows a enormous 33%.

Unfortunately, most businesspersons and business owners fail to measure their websites conversion rate. Even when they so, most inevitably only look at their overall conversion rate. Rather the key is to assess the conversion rate of each page in your channel, then improve those pages and see exponential increases in your overall conversion rate.

How do you increase the conversion rate of each page? There are many factors to consider and ideas to try, from changing text, fonts, looks, adding images, videos. Notably track the conversion rate of each of your pages both daily and monthly.

if you monitor and improve these pages, you will convert significantly more website visitors into leads and client, and gain significant competitive advantage.