What is it?

Bitly is URL shortening service becoming more popular in every websites, Bitly lets you do more with your links instantly. Branded short domains are the first step to keeping your brands at the front of your digital sharing efforts. Ensure organic sharing is auto – branded turning your audience into brand ambassadors.

How does it work?
You optimize your ad so why not optimizing your short links? Educating your audience before they click by customizing the second half of your branded bit links for higher CRTs.

What is the benefit to my business?
Manage, control and measure the content being sharing across your brand, segment your analytics by department, location, channel, brands and user

Bitly seamlessly integrates into 75 of the worlds leading social publishing websites content platform via our world class APIs


How much does it cost?
Price starts from $995 per month, but Bitly design packages for companies of all sizes, scopes and industries, each optimized for your brand’s digital strategy and its place on the social web.