In the last few years, the popularity of Internet marketing has exploded. Due to a severe lack of fulfillment of satisfaction with conventional employment, more and more people are looking for ways to supplement their income in the hope of becoming financially free through Internet marketing. Whether it’s affiliate marketing or self-promotion, anyone and everyone is looking for ways to create a profitable business online.

The ironic thing about Internet marketing is the majority of information products out there have been specifically designed to lure the very people looking to learn it, using strategies and tactics that they never actually reveal. In other words, the marketers market the product to you, but they never actually teach you how they do it. This is the fundamental flaw of 99% of Internet marketing info products; you never really get what you pay for.

Unfortunately, because of this lack of transparency, deception and misinformation abounds in this industry. The majorities of marketers are unethical and take deliberate advantage of the quick fix, mentality f our fast paced technologically dependent society. They know novice marketers are constantly on the lookout for the next “ wonder product” that will miraculously solve all their problems.

Whether it’s a new Facebook script, wordpress plugin or software application, 99% of internet marketers are just begging for something that will come along and do all the work for them with little to no effort on their part.

Well here’s a reality check: That “quick fix” mentality is the no. 1 reason why most Internet marketers fail to make a living online. And, because the internet is so deeply associated with instant gratification due to it’s immense speed and efficiency to supply us with whatever information we need at the press of a few buttons, there’s also an automatic assumption that making money through the internet should be just as fast and easy. But the truth is: it’s not.

The main reason why the pros keep succeeding while the amateurs fail is because they know and apply the work, dedication and commitment that is fundamentally required to do so. Making money online is not a push button system, and anyone that tells you otherwise is a liar and most likely just trying to manipulate you into buying into their latest hyped up promotion.

Think about this for a second: Do you ever notice when you’re reading a sales page for an internet marketing product, the seller always promises that if you buy their product everything will be so smooth and easy? They say that because they want to take advantage of your desire for a quick and easy fix! It’s basically a way to persuade your lazy side into buying under the false assumption that little effort will be required on your part to succeed.

But this is outright delusion! You cannot succeed online, or anywhere else for that matter, without work, dedication and commitment. And if you’re not succeeding online as much as you feel you should be, then maybe you haven’t realized this fundamental truth.

No business has ever survived on a quick fix mentality, but 99% of the internet marketing industry is based on this premise and that’s why so many novices become addicted to constantly snapping up the next  “wonder product” that comes out.

We need to realize that those “wonder products” are not going to help us unless we have already found a way to be successful, then maybe they can add something to the success we’ve already created. But they will not create our success or be the reason why we succeed.

The reason we’ll succeed will be solely down to ourselves and our ability to create valuable content that we can share and market ethically and fairly without using the cheesy manipulation tactics that so many ‘desperate to succeed’ marketers fall into the trap of using.

Which would you honestly prefer: To build a successful Internet business based on deception and manipulation, or to build a successful Internet business based on value and empowerment? The answer’s pretty obvious right?

Most Internet marketers think the only way they can succeed online is through deceptive manipulation, but the fact is more and more consumers are becoming increasingly aware of these pushy sales tactics and are instantly repelled by them. I for one can’t stand cheesy sales pitches.  How can you trust what they’re selling when you can’t even trust them?

Think of how many times you’ve been promised the world only to be disappointed when things didn’t work out the way you’d hoped when you bought that amazing product you were so damn convinced and excited about. You thought to yourself “this is it, this is the one” but your conviction and excitement quickly wore off soon after your purchase.  What you were actually buying was the emotional high, not the product.  And dishonest marketers know this, so they focus on selling you feelings, not products. The products are just the medium they use to sell you the feelings you so badly want to experience.

Your lifelong dreams of success, wealth and happiness will all come true when you buy this product, and it will be so easy that you won’t even believe it. THAT is the hype that most wishful thinkers buy into. And most of us can’t help it! We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations. We’re emotional beings and that’s why this stuff works so damn well on us!

But the truth is, if you’re in Internet marketing, you’re going to have to work at it and it’s probably going to take longer than you expected to succeed. It takes commitment, dedication, humility, an openness to never stop learning coupled with an ability to accept failure over and over and over again by adopting a ‘trial and error’ attitude that will allow you to continuously figure out what works and what doesn’t. And when you finally do make it to the other side and find your groove, it will be so worth it and you’ll be so glad you decided to fully commit yourself to being successful.