Black SEO is very common tactic in nowadays competitors battlefield or even the worst- you can make it by your own. This is hot topic in the last months especially after new Google Panda algorithm update so it’s very important to know what you have to do if you’re hit.

What is Black SEO?
Black SEO is performing some act of action that damages competitors or your own organic search rankings.

The ways to make a Black SEO are many:

-       Someone to hack the website and to riddle the code with HTML hyperlinks

-       With injecting malware in the code again

-       Making a duplicates of the website

-       Copying the content of the website and paste it thru the web

-       And the most usual – building low quality link

So Black SEO can be said about anything that will heart website organic search rankings.

What you have to do if you see that ranking is dropping?
First of all this sign is not always from black SEO. Google makes algorithm change regularly and this can change your search engine organic ranking. If you are depending on Google SEO to reach your audience and customers with your website/ blog you must check the latest news about Google Panda updates and your work on the site to be relevant to them.

How can you find that you have Black SEO from links?
To find that you are a target from Black SEO from links is reviewing your back link profile. It’s good to do this in some regular period of time like once a week or month.

For this purpose you can use Google Webmaster tools. On the web you can find more tools for this action like- opensite explorer, Majestic Seo, Ahrefs. Our tip here is to use as much as possible tools and to collect as data as possible for bad links.

This is the thing that you should be worried about

Links from low quality blogs

Links from low quality domains

A large number of new links