Google Hot Trends
Google Trends is a great tool for webmasters and business owners to spot trends and devise a marketing strategy, or just to discover things that are happening that they might not otherwise realize was trending. Because of the popularity of trends, Google has added some new ways for searches to explore things that are trending on Google.

When you’re looking for the hottest topics on the web, Google Trends helps you navigate the top search queries. But now browsing topics that are spiking popularity in Australia and around the world gives you fascinating peek into the daily Zeitgeist of “ what’s hot” in world everyday.

Did you ever want to see what people around the world are searching for in Google, in real time? Now you can, and it looks pretty cool.

When you visit Google Trends you’ll find trending topics going back for the past few days.

With the recant update of Google trends, which shows the Internet –popularity of literally any word or phrase you cab think of, Google introduced a visualizer that displays the Internets top trends in a beautiful, full screen and live- updating animation. It allows you to look as one trends at a time or as many as 25 in a grid. You can also specify which country you want to see trends in, or look worldwide.