Google Analytics

This is a free analytics tool, which allows you to track:

  • Who your users are, where they come from and what devices they’re on
  • Goal conversion: purchase, clicks and time spend on app
  • Users behavior in real time with tracking and flow visualization



Flurry is another free analytic tool, it has all feature of Google analytic plus the ability to:

  • Separate users into segment to track specific users example gender, location or time
  • Track conversions for any anticipated behavior over a specific frame of time.
  • View and optimize the user path
  • Measure conversions through a specific series of step called funnels


An analytic tool that’s free up to 25,000 data points, then $150- $2000 depending on how many data points are tracked.

  • Mixpanel offers detailed real time information in a highly praised interface, it allows:
  • Segments to be analyzed and compared over time historical data.
  • Users behavior and conversion to be tracked by funnels.
  • Users to be grouped into cohorts based on a day/week/month, allowing you to track the effect of your app update.