According to data from 20 years ago (in 1991), U.S. start-ups per 100.000 individuals was about 185.6 businesses.

Now, start-ups per 100,000 people declined 29.3 percent, to 131.3 (for 2011, the most recent year of figures available).

Wait! What’s all the “hub buzz” about start-ups and the success of tech about?

Aren’t entrepreneurs and digital start-ups performing well?

Yes, some are doing well, yet aside from targeting a consumer base and leveraging a respective sector, digital enterprises must face the demands of a “digital” business platform.

For example, 50 years ago, a tire supplier handled delivery logistics, employees, and the costs of rubber and associated materials. However, today’s vendor of the same, must be concerned with search engine optimization, social media, and the essentials of digital existence – such as efficient web hosting.

Consider scenarios foreign to successful business owners of 50 years ago:

  • Websites, set to launch per marketing materials and press release, do so unsuccessfully, confusing browsers and potential clients.
  • A small business owner, leveraging limited funds best they can, must “share” hosting with others, using servers unable to handle peak traffic hours appropriately.
  • Old and out-of-date servers, lack of back-up servers, and weak security, pose risks to online presence and continuity.

The situations, all involving weak or ineffective web hosting, plague modern-day start-ups.
But, don’t look so worried! There are ways to find a gracious and effective “host”.