Video landing pages exist to capture emails. You can sugar coat it with ebooks and free downloads, but marketers are all after email signups. It’s ok – email signups rock.

The problem is, now more than ever, people guard the keys to their inbox like the golden ticket that it is, and with stats like, “84% of all email traffic will be spam,” by the end of 2014, it’s easy to see why.

Stop wasting your (and everyone else’s) time emailing spam folders. Use video landing pages and get email addresses that people actually use.
Email is Not Dead

New research shows that “email marketing is 40 times more effective at attracting new business than Facebook and Twitter combined.”
Consumers make more purchases from email:

  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year from a promotional email.

Share more content:

  • 72% of B2B buyers are likely to share useful content via email

And interact more directly with brands through email than through any other digital medium.

  • 82% of consumers open emails from companies.

It’s the only thing that most people use every single day, so stop ignoring the power of your email list.

People don’t know you or trust your product, but their obviously interested in your solution if they came to your landing page. Video landing pages bridges this gap.

A study by shows that “video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.”

Well-produced video not only engages users (while explaining your product), it creates a connection. Video differentiates you from all the ebook wielding spam bots, and people will relate to you, not just what you’re selling. That’s when real sign-ups occur.

I know I’m just a marketing nerd, but there is nothing sweeter than seeing a “gmail” domain sign-up for your list.

The greatest part about using video to build your email list is that once you cross that trust threshold, people actually look forward to your emails. You just have to keep up your end of the bargain.

Once a week he sends me a curated list of thought provoking links to “interesting things.” Yes, many of these links direct me to posts on Austin’s website – but not all of them – and no matter where the articles are hosted, they’re a guaranteed great read.

What I respect most about emails from the likes of Seth Godin, and James Clear – and what keeps me subscribed – is that they treat myinbox like the goldmine it is by delivering valuable content. I talk about their products and articles, and have no hesitation doing a lot of the marketing legwork for them. That’s ROI you can’t measure.

People purchase from brands they trust, even if they don’t do it right away.
People purchase from brands they know. Video is how you introduce yourself, especially on a landing page.

For more detailed info on the state of content marketing, check out Rand Fishkin’s slideshare “Why Content Marketing Fails,” or his talk at WistiaFest. They’re both awesome.
Video landing pages build active email readership, but respect for those readers is paramount. If you don’t deliver great content, or spam an account, no amount of clever video marketing will save you