Don’t you just love it when a social media post echoes with your audience? They often become viral on their own or result in glowing comments or favorable reviews that serve as social proof that you have delivered on your promise. However, these posts will soon get pushed down as all social media conversations eventually do. Below are a few ideas to increase the reflectivity of some of your favorite posts and comments.

Share It or Like It
The Share button is designed precisely for sharing content on Facebook. However, not all posts have a share button. For example, if you allow others to post to your wall, their posts will go out to your audience. Thus, sharing would be dismissed. You can, however, like or comment on those posts. The same is true of user comments; you can only like them or add a comment.

Pin or Highlight It
If one of your Facebook posts is predominantly strong, consider pinning it to the top of your page or highlighting it so it’s much more noticeable than your other posts. To do either of these options, click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the post. To pin it to the top of the page, select Pin to Top. To make the post larger, select Highlight.

Use Embedded Posts
Another option is to embed your favorite posts elsewhere such as on your blog, a newsletter, or another social network. This can open the doors to a similar conversation on a different platform as well share a great post. To embed a Facebook post, click the down arrow in the upper right corner and click Embed Post. This will generate a code that you can then copy and paste into your blog, newsletter, or other social network. Once your post is embedded, viewers who see it on your blog or other destination can like your Facebook page directly without having leave your site. To embed a Twitter tweet, click more followed by Embed Tweet.

Use Twitter Favorites
You could also mark your favorite tweets as Favorites by clicking the star icon. Favorite tweets will appear in under the appropriately named Favorites section. Though some Twitter users will check out your Favorite tweets, the power of Twitter Favorites is in its RSS feed. Your Favorite’s RSS feed is: Sign in to Twitter. By marking tweets as favorites and grabbing this feed, you can now use your Favorites just as you would any other RSS feed. For example, you could use a WordPress widget to display a dynamic listing of your favorite tweets in the sidebar of your blog.
For example, let’s say you’re an author who’s just published a book. As readers tweet positive feedback, you could “favorite” those tweets and automatically have them appear on your blog thanks to RSS.
These are but a few ways to share what others have said on social media. Give positive posts and comments a boost by using these techniques.