Why create a Shopping Website ?
Today  online shopping is a new trend. Now people choose online shopping option to buy a product rather than

to go for shop or mall. Because of its advantages of flexible timing and comparison  any product online is easy to buy

suitable product, the industry of online shopping is growing up.

It reduced the overall cost in many ways, which gives us an great advantage to buy a product with lower

price rather than to go for shop or mall. Online shopping offers us like 4 to 30 percentage of lower price than offline prices.

Now a days the speed of internet is  increase day by day and also internet is easily available all over the world

It is a right time to create a online shop and be your own boss. Click the button to build a free profession shop.

#1: Choose the Right Product to Sell

You have to make sure there’s market for your product.  Who are you going to sell it to? What type of client are you looking for?  What needs does your product satisfy?  Those important questions you need to ask yourself.    When you know who your client is, you will be able to analyze the current market conditions.  Are there currently any other products similar to mine that target the same client?  What type of sales can I expect?  Are people looking for such products?

You have to know as much as possible about your target client (gender, age, marital status, kids or not, education, location, interests etc etc).

You can Use Google Insight or Google Trends to see what are people searching online these days.  You can also search on Amazon.com Bestsellers or eBay Pulse.

#2: Position Your Product Offering

What’s so unique about your product? Why should I buy it from you and not your competition?  Are you the cheapest? Is yours better quality?  Does it have features others don’t? Do you offer a warranty? Do you have free return shipping policy? Do you charge for shipping? What are people saying about their experience doing business with you?  Are you selling something that no one else is selling? Can I trust you? Why Should I?

Get it? Answer those questions and you will be able to see exactly how you should position yourself and your product.  Read this book by Seth Godin: Purple Cow.  It will help you create something remarkable.