The social media marketing landscape is constantly changing, making it challenging for business to keep up. For savvy marketers who understand the different channels example Facebook, twitter etc. and how to use them, the task is somewhat manageable, through the peace of change is always fast.
One of the fast upstart new channels making waves is an app called Snapchat.
Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send photos and videos to one another that self-destruct in a matter of seconds. It’s quickly captured the interest of younger generations who is utilizing Facebook less and turning more to instant messaging types of communication, Like Twitter and instagramsnapchat has become a good fit, which is primarily used on mobile devices and functions like a text message, but uses either a photo or video to deliver its messages.

5 ways companies can use Snapchat in marketing:

If that’s not cool enough, there are over 60 million messages sent per day over Snapchat, a number that continues to climb. While Snapchat is great for sending quick updates on your personal life, it can also be a tremendous asset for businesses. Here are just a few ideas from Boutique Business Consulting to adding Snapchat into the mix of your business marketing strategy.

  • Spread the word using your existing social media accounts. What better way to build your Snapchat following than to tell your current fans and followers you’ve started Snapping?
  • Create contests. Send your Snapchat followers a Snap with incentive by telling them that the first person to respond with a Snap back will receive a prize.
  • Offer exclusive deals. Send your followers a Snap with information on a flash sale or deal.
  • Give your followers a quick peek at what’s going on “behind the scenes” with your business. Maybe your ice cream shop is releasing a new flavor, or your women’s clothing boutique has a limited number of items from this season’s hottest designer. Let your Snapchat followers be the first to know.
  • Send your followers on a Scavenger hunt by asking them to send specific Snaps back to you. The first follower to get through your list wins a prize!
  • Showcase special events. Is your business sponsoring, hosting or attending a special event? Let your followers in on the fun by sharing highlights of your day.
  • Share your secrets. Pick a day to create a “one time only” offer, whether it’s a special dish at your restaurant or drink at your coffee shop. Send out a Snap to your followers to fill them in on your “secret” offer.

Do you have an awesome idea for using Snapchat for business? Tell us about it ?