If you’re an inbound marketer, or you use social media to help promote your business, you’ve probably heard that engagement is essential.
But why is engagement so important in modern marketing?
When you engage with another user, your activity is broadcast across both your audience streams. Both pools of followers can see your interaction and can jump into the conversation as they please. Engaging in public domains can create significant organic exposure when performed skillfully.
If your social media campaigns aren’t generating any traction, chances are it’s because you’re not using the platforms to effectively engage with your audiences. Here a list of quick engagement tips that you can use today to turn things around.

  1. Ask A Question
    People love to talk about themselves, and by our very nature we feel compelled to answer a question when we’re asked. Use this to your advantage. Check out this great article for more on the power of asking questions
  2. Try a “Fill-in-the-blank”
    These are known to get fantastic results. Something like: “Fill in the blank: I feel happiest when I…” can capture your audience’s attention as it applies the same psychological tactic I mentioned above.
  3. Post a quality image
    It should go without saying that you need great looking images. But what does “great” mean? If your image has great photo quality, great design, and interesting/beautiful/funny content, you should be in good shape.
  4. Repeat something that succeeded
    If your analytic are telling you something worked, then try to recycle the tactics to see whether you can replicate the performance.
  5. Curate content
    By listening to the social media landscape, you will find some great content from your audiences worth sharing. If they share something good, pass it on! You’ll cement a relationship that’s mutually beneficial and guarantee some good shares.
  6. Post a text-only update
    Sometimes, simpler can mean better. You may not think this is a good engagement tip, but knowing when to keep it simple can make a big difference.
  7. Talk about current events
    Take advantage of the inherent traffic associated with trending topics that are relevant to your brand.
  8. Include a Call to Action
    Don’t forget to ask for likes, shares and comments. People are much more likely to do what they’ve been asked to do
  9.  Recognize someone else
    Have a fan (or even a competitor) who’s done something worth noticing? Point it out!
  10. Post something funny
    While it can be hard to create funny business content on a regular basis, this engagement tip probably has the biggest impact on participation levels. People use social media to be entertained, and everyone likes to laugh.
  11. Post something short
    Everybody’s busy. Use as few words as you need to get your point across and to spur engagement.
  12.  Collect votes (Like vs. Share)
    Posts like these have a great track record for going viral – ever seen one? Think “Like if you agree, Share if you disagree” or similar.
  13. Post a quote
    Inspirational quotes get lots of shares. It’s a great engagement tip to lighten your streams and motivate your audience.
  14. Use emoticons
    Statistics show these increase engagement, most likely because they make you sound like a human instead of a robot. :/
  15.  Link to interesting articles
    It’s a pretty big no-no to be “all you, all the time”. Reference compelling content that others are posting and you’ll not only improve your engagement rates, but also develop your outreach practices too.
  16. Tag someone else
    A fantastic (but easily abused) way to get people’s attention to your post is to tag them. Make sure you use this engagement tip in moderation or you’ll be marked as a spam account very quickly.
  17. Start a conversation
    Discuss: Posts that ask questions – good idea or bad idea? Probably the easiest engagement tip to put into practice…
  18. Poll your fans
    Do you like polls? Yes, no or maybe? According to this excellent post, polls are a great way to increase your engagement.
  19. Ask for captions
    Try posting a photo and asking your followers to provide the caption. Bonus points if your photo is touching or funny.
  20.  Post a “How-To”
    We all love learning new things, even re-learning things we already knew in fun and interesting ways.
  21. Make it human
    It’s okay to add a little quirkiness, opinion or humour. This makes you relatable and allows people to get to know the real you behind your profile image.
  22. Make it nostalgic
    Most people enjoy a good throwback. Use this engagement tip to give them a chance to reminisce about the good old days.
  23. Direct people to your post via email
    Don’t think that social media is the only place to engage with your followings. Why not link to your latest post in your weekly email blast or monthly newsletter and take the conversation to email?
  24.  Make it too long
    140 characters or less is Twitter’s policy for a reason. On this social media platform especially, you need to use short, sharp and concise messages.
  25. Make it complicated
    One of the worst things you can do to reduce engagement levels is to post something confusing. When you have mere seconds to reach someone, you have to be crystal clear or your voice gets lost in the crowd.
  26. Forget to ask for engagement
    Forget to include a call to action? Put one in your post now.
    But seriously, forgetting to ask your followers to like, share or comment is most often a mistake. Learn about other mistakes that could be getting in the way of your engagement in this post.
  27. Post something irrelevant
    Don’t just post cat photos because you think people like them. If you can’t somehow tie it back to your brand identity or business objectives, you probably need to rethink your content plan.
  28. Try to sell
    People don’t go to social networks to shop. They go to socialize. So be social! Selling will come as a by-product of being useful, valuable and engaging.

If you don’t try to improve your practices using these quick engagement tips, your social media campaigns will suffer. Undoubtedly, many opportunities will pass you by.
Take time to carefully plan how you can participate in conversions effectively, while focusing on fulfilling business objectives.