Happy New Year from Boutique Business Consulting. It is at this time that year that we always make resolutions. Have you made resolutions for your business this year? While resolutions can be easily broken, I think a better thing to do is to look at your business goals for 2015. So what are your business goals for this year?

Now is a good time to set down and plan out your goals for the year. Many of us are feeling fresh from the holidays, so its the perfect time to expand your mind and think through new possibilities for your business.

Remember when writing down goals its important to user the SMARTER framework: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound, Ethical and Reachable. This framework helps you draft goals that you can achieve.

Here are some goals that we are setting at Boutique Business Consulting for 2015. Let see how we go achieving these goals this year!

Goal One: To expand our technical expertise by mastering one new technology platform for our clients in 2015 - proposed platform in SquareSpace developer platform.

Goal Two: To create a new digital entity in Q1 called UpDigital! that focuses specifically on web design and development - more on this one later!

Goal Three: To grow the coaching side of the business by 25% (number of clients) in 2015. To continue to grow our skillset in coaching by attending professional development programs.

Goal Four: To spend more time (at least 1-2 hours per week) on my business by consistently writing articles, social media and improving business processes (such are more instructional videos for clients).

I have selected only 4 goals for this year to keep it simple and manageable. The goals relate to new things we would like to start doing or things we would like to do better.

How did you go setting your goals? Good luck in 2015.