Yay! I can't control my excitement. Finally I can be myself in my business. I decided to change the name of my business from Boutique Business Consulting (BBC) to Sarah Drysdale. I have added the tag line Coach.Mentor.Trainer.

This name change has been a long time coming. Last year I sold the Shopify development arm of my business to The Hope Factory. Since then I have been a little quiet as I decided to go back to basics. During the years I was running BBC I was so busy delivering websites that I didn't have time to work on my business or on myself. I was constantly being pulled from one client demand to the next. I realised that in the busyness of delivering websites I was losing touch with what was happening in the business world, with internet marketing and all things digital.

So last year I put my head down and went back to school. I have invested hundreds of hours in learning from the best. I have listened to podcasts, read a hundred books, attended conferences and nearly completed the Marie Forelo Bschool course. I am now armed with all the latest business advice and I am ready to share this with my clients and the world.

I have learned a lot about myself in this process. I realised that I love learning. My passion is for learning and in turn teaching. I have a Graduate Certificate in Education that I have never used and now its time to use it. I realised a lot of my displeasure with my business in the past was because I had stopped learning and was only doing. This is a mistake I won't make again. I have rediscovered what my passions are and I will stay true to them. I have invested time thinking and changing my mindset. I now know how to change mindsets and how this can really help my clients.

It is really liberating for my business to be me and me to be my business. It enables me to inject my personality into my business. I can add the quirky things I like and stand true to what I believe. I am not hiding behind a brand. I am my brand.

I was never really happy with my old business name. When it can time to relaunch my business I knew it needed to change but I wasn't sure what too. This year as part of Bschool I listened to an amazing talk by Marie Forelo about how to choose the right name for your business. I encourage you to listen to this talk as well.

So now my business is Sarah Drysdale and I hope I can help you reach your goals in the same way others have helped me reach mine.