Have you been plugging away at your business for a while? Do you feel like you have plateaued in your business and your personal growth?

If you are feeling this way then a new guide by Her Business - which was formerly the Australian Business Women's Network has anew guide which could help you experience a breakthrough.

In the guide you will learn the single most important habit that you need to have a breakthrough in your business. I am not going to spill the beans on the habit here. You need to read the guide. You can access the guide via the button at the bottom of this post.

However I will share some of the incredible quotes from the amazing women featured in the guide. I hope you find it inspirational.

“Those people who trailblaze must possess the strength and courage of heart to work against the norms and those who say it won’t work. Lean in or you may be leaned on.”
— Beverly Honig, Honeylight Enterprise
“My biggest fear is of being unable to front up to a
challenge. Taking on a big and intimidating venture
means being willing to accept the consequences if it doesn’t go to plan. But it’s where courage and daring combine that great things often happen.”
— Anna Hooper - Cape Jaffa Wines
“I feel like I have a healthy relationship with failure. For me, it’s all about the opportunity to learn. If I don’t take a risk (and therefore, risk failing), the opportunity for learning is much more difficult.”
— Amantha Imber - Inventium

Here is a bit more information about Her Business. Her Business is a place where you can network, find a mentor, learn skills, attend events and more. Find out more about Her Business now.