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Cloud Computing

Are you embracing the cloud yet? Well, you better think about it. If not, you will most likely find that your competitors are already there, or on their way, and will leave you behind.

Cloud computing generally means accessing files or software programs from servers which are not in your office, providing online access features, such as Dropbox and Xero.

Cloud computing is making the biggest impact in the area of infrastructure. It is that foundation on which successful online businesses are built.

These businesses have the ability to move quickly; adapting to fast evolving customer demand automatically, provisioning servers in minutes and delivering services and products to the market.

Speed to market and agility is essential, particularly with new web-based business models.

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We are big fans of cloud computing at Boutique Business Consulting. All our software solutions use the cloud. Think Shopify, SquareSpace, Xero and more.

Why consider the Cloud?

1. New cloud-based businesses can, in fact, start a business in a matter of weeks and be in the market almost immediately, without placing strain on capital, as opposed to non-cloud business. We can have an online store set up for you in 1 week.

2. Many start-ups don't have the budget to develop a unique website or application. Cloud computing gives you cost effective solutions that are feature rich.

Make sure you do your research. Find cloud service providers that have been around for a while. Make sure they have the features your business needs.

If you are unsure then ask us for some advice.