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Social Sharing and Driving Traffic to your Website

You have a great product, idea or service. You’ve devoted in putting together a solid website. Social media marketing is important, so you have Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts – maybe even a Tumblr account too. You know social sharing is a key element of success online, but you want the results of your efforts to improve.
Follow these ten guidelines to use those social media channels to engage with customers and draw traffic like never before.

  1. When – and how often – to share
    Think about how you interact with different types of content on the web. Unless you run across your dream customer/employer, you’re probably not poring over their tweets from months ago or even last week. And what about how people interact with content that you post? After a couple days, that adorable picture of your kid/dog/car probably isn’t generating new ‘Likes’ on Facebook anymore – no matter how cute you know it is.
    Tweet often, as tweets have a short shelf-life. Facebook posts last somewhat longer, but similarly get lost in the shuffle after only 4-5 hours. Blog posts provided longer-lasting, searchable contents.
    Get to know the unique blend of needs, habits and personalities that typify your customers, and share content on a timetable that encourages them to interact. Best practices for a knitting needle company and a designer vodka will look quite different, regardless of where on the web you’re posting.
  2. Maximize the size and visibility of your posts
    If eyeball attention and space are so precious on social media, than any way to claim additional real estate must be incredibly valuable. It is. Facebook continues to tinker with its News Feed formula and presentation. Recently, it has expanded the space given to a link preview post, from 154×154 pixels to now displaying previews x3.5 times larger. This has turned the previous best-practice of sharing photos with commented links on its head.

    Preliminary research shows that these new link-preview posts dominate photos on engagement metrics. Considering that clicking on the picture, link or caption all direct readers to your linked website, this is no surprise. Don’t send your customers clicking away to a jpeg – post links and send them to your site.

    Either way, the value of including images in posts in undeniable: posts with images receive almost 40% more interaction than those without. This holds true on Twitter as well: images make up 20% more of the links on Twitter than the next-closest content type, and they similarly dominate engagement stats.

  3. Get to know your customer
    Social sharing gives you the chance to say whatever you want, to the entire world. Do you want the world to know you’re out of milk? Or do you really want the audience that cares that you’re out of milk?
    Everyone is a brand now. From massive corporations to a lonely pre-teen, everyone has a personality and presence to cultivate online. Consider your audience when identifying popular social content to re-post on your own social channels. It’s great that you’re interested in something you’ve seen online, but take a second to make sure it fits the tone and focus of your brand.

    Think backwards from your customer: is the person who will click on what you’re sharing a person you want visiting your site? Is that person going to be pleased to end up on your site? If you can answer ‘Yes’ to those 2 questions, share freely and prepare to welcome additional traffic to your site.

    Even if you’re not online to make money, it’s reasonable to call your audience ‘customers’. They’re spending their time, clicks, and advertising eyeballs on your content, so reward them with value in return. Use analytics tools to learn about your followers on each of your networks and track the performance of various styles of posts and types of content.

  4. Benefits of (regular) blogging
    The Internet is giving you an opportunity to post lasting content – content that you control, on a site you control. Exploit that opportunity.

    Your tweets will disappear, buried under a mountain of billions of fresher, sub-140 character messages. Any message on another medium is just that: not fully your own. Your blog benefits you in search, gives you a platform to become a reputable source, garners links to your work, and drives traffic directly where you want it: your website. Choose compelling images to accompany your posts. As with posts directly on social media platforms, this increases engagement and makes your content virally shareable on various networks.
    So, do it. Blog regularly. Current research indicates that blogging 15 or more times per month can increase traffic by 5X. Even if you’re a small organization, make this a part of someone’s job description. If you’re part of an even smaller enterprise, then find a way to make blogging work for you – the same research shows your business stands to benefit the most in terms of traffic increase.
    f you’re not already posting frequently, these numbers may seem daunting. Don’t worry, there are ample resources for blog post ideas. Post a weekly round-up of the most important news in your industry. Compose a How-To article related to the work you do, and shop it around to other content sites. Write a profile/review on a company you admire (maybe one you’re interested in working with/for), and link to their site. Share this on your social channels, also tagging their appropriate profiles. You get to associate with an established player in your industry. And maybe they’ll return the favor by sharing your work with their followers.

    Finally, remind your readers of the excellent content you’ve already created. Do a post highlighting your most engaging content of the month or build posts that reference some of your most successful previous pieces. Blog content is longer-lasting, but this is still the internet – it takes concerted effort to get your desired content onto your customers’ screens. Focus that effort on promoting your best work.






How To Increase Conversion Rates

What are Conversion Rates?
Conversion Rates are the percentage of prospective customers who take a specific action you
want. For example, the following are specific conversion rates that an organization may track:

  • The percentage of website visitors who fill out a form, call your company, or purchase something from you online
  • The percentage of callers who are issued proposals
  • The percentage of proposals you win
  • Etc.

Increase Conversion Rates to Improve Profits
No matter how good your current conversion rates are, they can always get better.  And improving your conversion rates dramatically improve profits.

For example, if you spend $1,000 on advertising, you may bring 1,000 prospective customers to your website. If your online sales conversion rate is 5%, then you’ll secure 50 new customers. Alternatively, if your conversion rate improved to 6%, you would gain 60 new customers. In this latter scenario, you’d gain an additional 10 customer for no additional advertising cost, thus boosting your profits significantly.

How to Increase Conversion Rates
There are numerous ways to increase conversion rates. Below are several ways to improve your rates, broken into two main categories:

Increasing Online Conversion Rates

  1. Social Proof:- adding social proof, via customer testimonials and/or case studies, to your website virtually always increases conversions.
  2. Clear Contact Information:- clearly showing contact information, perhaps a phone number and/or live chat options, typically increases conversions by giving visitors confidence that your company is “real” and is there to answer any questions they have.
  3. Credibility:- Having “trust” seals, such as from the Better Business Bureau or from web security firms like Verisign, will nearly always conversions.
  4. Guarantees:-  offering a guarantee gives customers more confidence in your offering and thus generally increases conversion rates. Likewise, having a longer guarantee (e.g., 365 days vs 30 days) will generally increase conversions even more.
  5. Headlines:- the headlines on your website pages are typically the first thing visitors read, and often compels them to read more or exit your site immediately. The right headline could dramatically increase your conversion rate. So test new headlines frequently.

Increasing Offline Conversion Rates

Much of the same strategies that improve online conversion rates should be used offline. For example, showing pictures and testimonials of other satisfied customers nearly always helps conversions.  Likewise, offering more credibility and longer guarantees helps too.

A couple other ways to increase offline conversion rates are as follows:

  1. Trial Closes:- trial closes are questions you ask prospective customers that don’t ask for a final buying decision. For example, you might ask the question, “If we were able to offer you this for a price that works for you, is this something you’d like to move forward with?”
  2. Get customers to invest time:- For bigger purchases, the more time customers invest in the process, the more likely they often are to buy. So, rather than quickly giving customers a price, it’s often best to have a few conversations. Perhaps in the first conversation you learn about their needs. In a second conversation, you present some research/information you think they’d find helpful. And in a third conversation, you present a proposal to work together. Although this process might slightly lengthen your sales cycle, it gets prospective customers to invest more time in working with your company; this often prompts them to want to do business with you. With such a question, if the prospect says “yes,” you’ll know that price is the only potential thing standing in the way of them buying. Alternatively, if they say “no,” listen to find out what their objections are so you can overcome them before offering your price.

Tracking Your Conversion Rates
Of critical importance, always remember that you can’t improve what you can’t measure.

That’s why you need to track your conversion rates on both a daily and monthly basis. Doing so allows you to immediately correct problems (e.g., why is our conversion rate so low today?, it’s because our website isn’t loading properly) and make sure you are improving your conversion rates over time. Use conversion tracking tools like Guiding Metrics, which is an amazing tool to expertly track your metrics and improve profits.

Your conversion rates are absolutely key to your sales and profits. So, figure out the most important conversion rates in your company (e.g., online visitors to sales, proposals won/lost) and start improving and tracking them today.



Bring your website to life!

No one likes a boring website. Luckily it’s now very easy to add cool CSS3 animations. You might want to add an animation to bring the users attention to a particular part of the website for example a call to action or it could be just to bring your website to life. Using animate.css, all you need to do is reference the stylesheet and add a few CSS classes to your element(s). There are several different animations available including bounce, zoom, rotate, shake etc.

To enhance effects you can add a delay so that the animation is only fired once the user scrolls to the element. This can be easily achieved using WOWjs.



How to perfect your cart abandonment emails

A large percentage of your customers may drop out late in the checkout process because they never intended to make a purchase. The ‘browsers’.

Even though a user has left your site there are still ways to engage with them to bring them back.  

Looking at SaleCycle stats, in 2013 48.1% of cart abandonment emails were clicked on and from there, 33.3% of these users went on to purchase the product.

On top of this, the order value increased by 58% for purchases from cart abandonment emails rather than direct sales off the website.

With stats like these, it’s obvious how beneficial a simple cart abandonment email is. You can either remind a user of the items they had left in their basket or even offer them a percentage discount to encourage them to follow through with the purchase.

A few good examples of cart abandonment emails are:

So what does Boohoo do right?

  1. The message comes from the Head of Customer Care himself. It adds a personal touch to the email.
  2. It asks a question ‘if there was something we could do to help?’, so it encourages a conversation if there were any issues.
  3. The ‘Did You Know’ section is a reminder of the benefits from purchasing through Boohoo.
  4. The products are listed in Cart view, for easy viewing and to remind the user of their potential purchases.

The content that you use in your email is also crucial to engage with your users and encourage them to return to their cart. A good example of content in cart abandonment emails is Doggy Loot. If your branding has a persona, incorporate it into your email! Text like ‘Don’t let your items run away!’ and ‘Fetch your items now’ add that personal touch!

It’s also important to create a sense of urgency in the cart abandonment email, that either a sale is about to end or that the product will sell out fast. Grove does a good example of this informing the customers of a cart expiry date to increase the chance of them clicking on it straight away.


What We’ve Learnt
So from the examples above, what should you include in your cart abandonment email:

  1. Give it a personal touch, by including your brand persona and including a key message by a head of customer support department.
  2. Encourage them to contact you if there are any issues.
  3. A list of the items that were in the cart at the time.
  4. A sense or urgency, whether through a sale or expiry time.

Source : Pinterest



Google Adwords Vs Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Google AdWords are designed to provide you with a complete picture of the customer journey from the first time they search for you or view your ad, to their first and any subsequent visits, registering interest in your site and hopefully the eventual purchase of a product.

It’s a long journey, and to help tracking along the way Google provides two distinct, yet easily integrated systems. The Google AdWords platform, as the name suggests, provides advertising opportunities that you see in Google search results. Google Analytics is more about visitor behaviour and helps you understand what’s happening with traffic once it gets to your site.

While both platforms are great at what they are designed to do, they both have their relative strengths and weaknesses. AdWords, for instance, is a ‘Google only’ ad platform and isn’t able to provide conversion tracking on sources outside of Google (e.g. organic sources or traffic from other advertising platforms). AdWords also can’t provide the same level of on-site user behaviour as Analytics. Conversely, Analytics can’t provide the same rich level of data on advertising data that AdWords can.

So given the value of each of these platforms, how can they be combined to get the most out of each? First up, linking an Analytics and AdWords account is a relatively straightforward process. There are plenty of ‘how-to’ guides available online if you haven’t already taken this step.

Once linked, you’ll be able to take advantage of features not available in a stand-alone set up such as:

  • Analysis of campaign/keyword performance by real revenue and cost amounts in Google Analytics
  • Importing goals from Google Analytics into AdWords
  • Using Google Analytics metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and % new visits in AdWords
  • The ability to undertake remarketing with Google Analytics
  • Viewing AdWords data in rich reports such as Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels
the bottom line is that if you haven’t combined your Analytics and AdWords accounts you need to.

So whether you link your AdWords account to your Analytics account or vice versa, the bottom line is that if you haven’t combined your Analytics and AdWords accounts you need to. Without doing so you won’t be able to extract the information you need on your online spend at the level required to make the best possible decisions when it comes to allocating your online spend.



The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been one of the best things ever to happen to artists and entrepreneurs.

Every year since 2010 artists have received more funds from crowdfunding than they have from the National Endowment of Arts. Meanwhile, it’s propelled new businesses, like Oculus Rift, which raised $2.4 million dollars on Kickstarter before being acquired by Facebook for $2 billion; and Pebble, one of the early trendsetters in smartwatches.

This “pennies from many” model allows many more people to pursue their creative and entrepreneurial visions. For prospective entrepreneurs, crowdfunding is an exciting way to generate attention, validate an idea, and perhaps most importantly, raise capital without going into debt.

But running a successful campaign is no walk in the park. That’s why we’ve put an infographic that gives you an overview of the two major crowdfunding platforms and the characteristics of successful campaigns. You’ll find in these two pieces everything you need to know about the right sort of product to crowdfund and how to transition to an enduring campaign afterwards, with data-driven advice on optimizing your campaign page.

In addition to up-to-date and novel advice, this guide includes in-depth interviews with four entrepreneurs who got their start with successful campaigns. These include interviews with Canary Home Securities, which raised $2 million to become Indiegogo’s most-funded hardware project; and Catan Boards, which raised 1,400% of its funding goal.

Today, we present The Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding, as well as Crowdfunding 101, an infographic with the data analysis of 400,000 campaigns. Take a look



8 Reasons To Do Pop - Up Shop

Pop-up shops are the Snapchat of retail; Most of their magic comes from their temporary and "get-it-while-it-lasts" nature. 

In fact, according to Specialty Retail, pop-ups are expected to be a $8 billion a year industry, and has everyone from Warby Parker to popular boy band One Direction trying to get in on the action.

Not only can the location of a pop-up vary but brands use them for a wide array of purposes, from creating an unforgettable and branded experience for consumers that generate buzz and brand awareness, to quickly testing and experimenting in what used to be costly retail waters. In essence, pop-ups are transforming the way we shop.

Over the last few months, we've been busy creating resources to help merchants who might have only sold exclusively online to consider thinking about pop-ups shops as another sales channel. From picking and negotiating the perfect location, designing the store interior and displays, to marketing and evaluating your success, we hope to provide everything you'll need to get started.

Regardless of whether you're considering your first pop-up or have a few under your belt, here are eight reasons why every ecommerce merchant should give pop-up shops a chance.




How to Increase YouTube Rankings

If you are not using YouTube to generate web traffic to your business, it’s about time that you start because there is some great potential to build publicity for your business and your brand using YouTube. YouTube is world’s second largest search engine so it’s well worth your time learning about how you can use this tool to help generate traffic for your business.

One of the great things about YouTube is that you can optimise your video content so it ranks well in search engines. In this article I’m going to show you how you can use YouTube to generate even more search traffic than what you could get with Yahoo and Bing.

You need to start with a video
It is easier than ever to create a video that you can put on YouTube. You can use the camera on your phone, or a proper video recorder to record your videos. The main thing to remember is that your content is valid.

It is very easy to use and YouTube is such a great source of traffic. Here are some of the key reasons why you should be using this platform:

  • There are over 1 billion people using this service
  • There were over a trillion YouTube views in 2011
  • There are 4 billion views on the service every day
  • There are over 100 hours of video added to YouTube added every minute
  • There are 1 billion average YouTube mobile video views per day
  • 40% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile sources
  • YouTube has experienced growth of traffic of 52.86% since 2013

There are plenty of statistics you could point to as proof as to why you should use YouTube to increase your web traffic. The bottom line is that YouTube is a massive source of traffic you should be using.

How SEO and YouTube Works
There are two specific categories that YouTube ranks content for. These are Video Content and User Engagement and these are the two areas that should be your focus when it comes to using SEO with YouTube. However, it is very important to remember that SEO for YouTube doesn’t work in quite the same way as SEO for Google.

It should be noted that the search query in YouTube does not have the ability to tell if a video is relevant to a users search query. If you know how YouTube ranks content you will know how you can optimise your video for YouTube’s SEO.

YouTube’s SEO
There are some key things to remember with YouTube’s SEO:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags used
  • Transcription
  • Your channel authority
  • Delivery of your content

This is the basic way in which YouTube distributes and ranks video content based on its search engine function. One great thing with YouTube’s search engine is that you can control it as a publisher, meaning if you optimise your content properly you’ll have few problems in getting it ranked highly.

Another great thing to note with YouTube and SEO is that you don’t need a high level of User Engagement to rank highly for your videos. Instead, it’s about how well you understand YouTube’s SEO.

The Importance of the Title
The title is one of the most important aspects of YouTube’s SEO. There is going to be a lot of content out there that is similar to yours so you need to stand out and the easiest way you can do this is with a clear and unique title. 

The title is where you optimise your video for SEO and is arguably the most important component. The reason this is so important is because it influences your CTR (click through rate).

Just like with Google you need to make sure your content is high quality and relevant to the audience. You shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of your content just to rank highly. Be sure to include the keywords in the title tag and make sure it relates to the video itself.

The Importance of the Description
The video description box is your one real chance where you can really describe and define your video. This will be most beneficial for users who look for your video content primarily through YouTube rather than Google. 

The point of this information is to increase the CTR and provide users with some basic information about what they are going to get when they access your content. Show users in your description that your video will be beneficial for them.

YouTube is such a great way to increase publicity for your business and your brand that you’d be crazy not to use it. It is very simple to make a video and they are a great way to sum up a lot of content in a short period of time. It is very easy to rank highly for videos that are relevant to your business and this is something you should be using if you want to generate some extra web traffic outside of the usual channels.




Vine is an app owned and created by Twitter that allows you to create and share short video clips. Dubbed the Instagram of video, Vine encapsulates what twitter itself encourages, small, snappy moments or thoughts that appear to be spontaneously shared with the public. Yet unlike Twitter or Instagram, Vine has the novelty factor- people’s interest is piqued. Tweets and photo shares are old news, but 6 second videos? Well, the possibilities are endless! The influence of Twitter as the biggest and best form of social media marketing is by no means in question, yet Vine can undoubtedly support and emphasise Twitter marketing campaigns.

Vine shares more with the animated GIF than YouTube, and almost doesn’t feel like a video app at all. It is its own thing. It’s a code that unlocks creativity in six-second bursts, a powerful tool for real-time journalism, an entirely new art form.

And after spending a week with it, I’m influenced it’s going to be big. Genuinely, big !!!

One of the ideal marketing features of Vine is that the videos are on a continuous loop so that viewers actually see a clip at least a couple of times, making it the perfect tool for optimising product recognition and branding. If anything, the use of Vine at least shows that your company or business is up to date in the world of technology, something that is becoming increasingly recognisable as a necessity in the modern world. Though there is of course a challenge in making sure your videos are engaging rather than annoying, if the result is positive, Vine can definitely be considered an unbelievably influential tool in the world of social media marketing.

Vine lack some basic features, it need a better linking method, for example. People – discovery is a mess, especially since Facebook quickly blocked vine from using its social graph. You can’t edit titles or tags or comments once your video is posted. And you can’t go back later and export your videos on twitter or Facebook. Twitter is working on fixing all of these things. It already removed the ability to search for videos tags. A sharing fix should be impending.

Here are a few helpful tips we’ve put together to help you make the most of Vine:

  1. The use of humour in videos, if done correctly is always guaranteed to entertain rather than annoy possible clients or customers
  2. Use the app to advertise competitions, discounts, sales and promotions to increase coverage about your company or business
  3. Like Instagram, use Vine to show your company’s personal side. Take sneak-peaks of what goes on behind the scenes. Introduce yourselves as people rather than faceless businessmen and women. This can also be linked to the tip about humour- show you are human!
  4. Use the app to engage your followers in conversation- pose a question or a thought and invite people to respond
  5. Use to show off a new product- video allows you to provide more detail than a picture could
  6. Use the app to support your tweets and make them more interesting- people are more likely to watch a video than read a blog
  7. Be entertaining! As long as your video has some sort of link to your business or what you stand for- then it’s worth it!



Plug in SEO – Online Rank Modifier

Plug in SEO – Online Rank Modifier

What is it?
Plug in SEO is a web app that recommends profitable measures in search engine optimizations, implements those measures and quantifies traffic and conversion benefits of them. This software analyzes and keeps a track on keywords, conversions, inbound links, URLs, content, and other SEO factors regarding the customers’ and the competitors’ website. The software does not automate SEO. Rather, it is a consistent stream of brief and specific guidance for such users who have no prior knowledge of SEO.

How does it work?
Plug in SEO identifies the problem issues those are worth fixing. One needs only to sign up and install the app. It analyzes one’s website through integrated results from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Once the course of analysis gets completed one receives some simple instructions about how to fix a problem. Once this is done, the rest is quite automatic a process. A regular checking takes place to one’s website and necessary measures are advised.

What is the benefit to my business?
Plug in SEO can be truly helpful for online business owners. Any online business depends a lot on how many online visitors pay visit to its website and what sort of activities they are about in the context of that website. Taking effective measures with its regular SEO improvements, an online store owner or businessman helps increasing the trade’s visibility to more number of people every time. The more number of visitors he can reach through attractive ranking in the search engine results, the better possibility he would get to gain prospective customers. With automatic implementations associated with the tool, users get the suggestions and proper execution of a strategy for the betterment of their rank in popular search engine result pages. The increased improvement in search engine result rank gradually earns him more sales and more profit thereby. 

How much does it cost?
For full-fledged package of Plug in SEO, one needs to bear an expense of $180 approximately.



Survey Monkey – Unlimited Surveying Possibilities

Survey Monkey – Unlimited Surveying Possibilities

What is it?
Survey Monkey is a fast developing online survey platform. With this online tool, one can design surveys, collect and analyze responses of the surveys done.This online service allows users to create web browser-based surveys. Here, users can create their own survey using question format templates. Millions of people, including organizations, professionals and individuals worldwide trust Survey Monkey to get in-depth ideas for leading themselves towards better decision making.

How does it work?
To make use of Survey Monkey, one needs to visit its website and sign up. Once the necessary formalities of account opening get over, one has to enter the username and password associated with the Survey Monkey account and sign in. It can be also sign up using Facebook or Google account. Once signed in, click on “+Create Survey” button at the top of the page. Enter a title for the survey, select a category, and select a template to use for the survey and click “Next”. There is an option to make edits to the default survey and template. Click the “collect Responses” tab and select the method for distributing the survey. You will then obtain the URL which is needed to paste in your email newsletter, tweets or anywhere for users to access the survey.

How we can help?
Survey Monkey has developed a system for people to exchange feedback and information, making it affordable, easy, and accessible for everybody. Your online store can make extensive survey through Survey Monkey’s powerful tools and take control of your users, billing and data.

How much does it cost?
The first 10 survey questions will charge $1.00 and after that, $.50 will be charged for each 5 additional questions. Depending on the project, however, the charge may vary from $2.50 to $2.75 per response.



Chimpified – Online Contact Builder

Chimpified – Online Contact Builder

What is it?
Chimpifield is an app that automatically adds every single customer to an online business owner’s Mailchimp list. For that, the business owner needs to have the consent of such customers. It does not add any newsletter form for signing up from the website. To have such facility, one needs to set that up separately.

How does it work?
After installing the app, Chimpifield will create a prompt first. One has to add his store name and then click on “Install” tab. After being prompted, one needs to enter his Mailchimp username and password. After that, Chimpifield will ask him for his Mailchimp list he wants to connect with Shopify. Then Chimpified will add some basic things regarding specified list for easy segmentation for his Shopify customers. Any existing customer who is enlisted with Shopify list and who has given his consent will be added automatically to his designated Mailchimp list. Now, if any customer opts for receiving marketing email from the Shopify store, he will be automatically added too Mailchimp.

What is the benefit to my business?
This app not only adds and augments cutomers to one’s Mailchimp list, but its integration also captures eCommerce 360 data when his Mailchimp subscribers buys anything from his store. Once he gets connected to his Mailchimp account, Chimpified automatically syncs up to the last 5,000 orders with his Mailchimp subscribers.

How much does it cost?
It is a free app which anybody can download free of cost; one only needs to spend $10-$240 per month depending on the number of subscribers.

How we can help?
One can always segment his list to target such subscribers who have purchased some specific items or have spent a specific amount of dollar. Moreover, with the new auto-responder triggers, it becomes quite easy for MailChimp to send an automated campaign to subscribers when any purchase gets recorded in their MailChimp subscriber profile. It is a revolutionary tool with which an online store owner can get huge number of potential customers.




Meta Tagger – Online Visibility Enhancer

Meta Tagger – Online Visibility Enhancer

What is it?
Meta Tagger is a fantastic app that places an online shop owner to enjoy prominence and visibility by the unique search engine optimization with which his shop can be at the forefront of visibility to the online visitors.

How does it work?
Meta Tagger is an interwoven app platform that automatically creates metadata from any text-based content. Based on the information of categorizing content, extracted keywords and automatically-generated short information, metadata takes shape. This app makes it easy to manage keywords, descriptions and SEO titles. Usually it handles SEO through content-pulling from one’s existing resource descriptions. It is compatible with Google Shopping Support app, and provides import/export for one’s SEO in bulk amount. Arranging everything necessary, it impacts on products, collections, pages and blogs , the factors subject to be carefully crafted to hold the attention of shoppers.

What is the benefit to my business?
As an online store owner one has much to get from this app tool. Managing SEO for a website is a critical job and in most cases, instead of improving online status, SEO professionals end up in damaging even the existing strength of the site. With this app, one can safely but effectively shape his search engine optimization with most updated process.



How much does it cost?
One needs to bear a monthly expense of $6.00 for Meat Tagger app.

How can we help?
With the help of this App, successfully executing the easy process, and ensures greater visibility any shop to more visitors who can be turned into potential customers, resulting in increased sales and thereby, more amount of profit.




RetailTower – Retail Booster

RetailTower - Retail Booster

What is it?
Its a App that boost your sell on shopping engines and helps you receive the reports about the data-feeds from the shopping channels. To boost your marketing activities and reputation, you are provided prompt support in case of any need.

How does it works?
The Retail Tower offers you an opportunity to integrate your store with shopping comparison engines. it helps you submit your products to the major shopping engines like TheFind, Amazon, Bing, Google and many more.

What is the benefit to my business?
The best thing about RetailTower is that it is compatible with most leading e-commerce solutions on the internet. now, you can boost the online reach of your store and sales with the help of these popular shopping channels.

How much does it cost?
This app is solely designed to help you make your presence felt at the major online shopping destinations. It is now easier for you to bring in your products to the most popular shopping channels with only a few clicks. The best thing about this app is that it comes free of cost. 

How we can help?

RetailTower has proved to be a life saver to many online businesses. It is very difficult for marketers to manage everything from the lone shoulder. This sales app makes the feed submission seem easy and less time consuming to you. It helps you enlist your products online with an easy and spontaneous interface to help clients find your store quick and easily. The app’s feed system is simple and user-friendly and has the ability to modify the products that are incorporated in the CMS of your store. RetailTower provides you real time update of the inventory of your web store and helps you classify the inventory according to the requirements of the shopping channels. It also helps you manage your entire shopping engine campaigns at one place and create optimised data-feeds for the shopping channels. On the intuitive dashboard of this platform, you have the options to manage your all the marketing activities.




Fanplayr Social Coupons – Monetizing Social Consumers

Fanplayr Social Coupons - Monetizing Social Consumers

What is it?
Brands as well as Ecommerce sites are constantly adopting newer strategies from time to time to not only influence but also monetize social consumers. So, why don’t you take help of Fanplayr Social Coupons to access as well as influence social consumers across email newsletters, commerce pages, web pages, mobiles and even digital ads? You can even get these coupons to reach your social consumers through the Facebook and Twitter pages. Where the world of digital marketing runs short of creative resources in times of necessity, Fanplayr Social Coupons can be the perfect alternative in letting you build, test and even launch your very own campaign.

How does it work?
Fanplayr Social Coupons once installed will help you create email lists for the purpose of re-targeting. In other words, one can create email lists for potential social consumers so that they can be accessed easily. In fact, Fanplayr can help social consumers give importance to their friends, and in this way one will be able to allure social traffic and sales. With its 1-2-3 set up wizard, Fanplayr makes it easier for you to create an absolutely branded campaign. So, you don’t need to work too hard for converting traffic to sales because the Fanplayr Social Coupons will serve this purpose with perfection.

What is the benefit to my business?
Adding Fanplayr Social Coupons to the online store will certainly help businessmen transform their old and boring marketing strategies to new and interesting ones. Moreover, accessing this app and making good use of it will help them enhance their social sales.

How much does it cost?
Fanplayr Social Coupons comes with different pay packages for different schemes. For instance, those who will be taking the Bronze scheme will be paying $49 monthly and can collect up to 100 coupons; for the silver scheme, one will have to pay $99 per month, and can collect up to 250 coupons; for the gold scheme, $250 comes as the monthly charge and one can collect up to 1000 coupons. Enterprises will be given a 7-day free trial period but can collect unlimited coupons per month.




Increase Your Fans with Wishpond Group Offers App

What is the Wishpond Group Offers App?

The Wishpond Group Offers App is tool for easy running a group offer in Shopify or any social network sites.

Do you find difficult in running a group offer in social networking sites? Do you want to build a group offer within a few minutes? With Wishpond Group offers app, you will be able to meet these purposes with ease and will not require design or coding skills. Right from increasing fans and engaging shoppers to running a group on social networking sites, Wishpond’s Group Offers App will help you achieve your desired results. In fact, you can entice and therefore increase the number of Facebook fans by making them see your offers. What’s best about this app is that people can make direct payments through it by using PayPal for the offer and you can then automatically send unique coupon codes.

On installing Wishpond Group offers app, you will be exposed to a wide array of features:

1. Custom Entry forms – With Wishpond Group offers app, you can customize entry forms and that too with unlimited fields.

2. “Like to see” – You can easily add a “like to see” image that can allure users to like their respective Facebook pages

3. Custom coupon codes – You will be able to make use of custom coupon codes to claim your coupon or offer available at the store.

4. Exporting lists – You can download emails of all the entrants along with their data. You can even sort and filter them out for making lists of targeted emails

Introducing Wishpond Group offers app to the online is certainly a big advantage since it will help web designers to customize their templates and even edit texts, colors and also fonts.

Wishpond Group Offers keeps no monthly charges for their users and one can use this app for free.



Product Discount – Profit Maker

Product Discount – Profit Maker

Product Discount app allows one to create scheduled or immediate sales in one’s store based on collection of product, type of product, or vendor. With this app, planning such discounted sale organized for one’s online store is very easy now. With a few clicks, one can give shape to such event with real ease. Like a traditional store owner runs his sales, one can conduct his online sales with this powerful app. By considerable reduction in price, an online shop owner can conduct a successful sale on certain brands, collections, handpicked segments, product types, or even store wide. 

When a discounted sale is planned to run with this app, it actually runs through one’s entire store, and automatically adjust price of every single item to put on sale. Only putting the old usual price in the “compare at” price ground, the online store owner makes substantial attractions for his probable customers. When a prospective client visits the store they come to know about the coupon the store owner unveils to them and drastically increases his conversion rate. To set up the total process, one can pair the Product Discount app with Product Upsell  to create BOGO offers (buy one, get one), which is all too attractive.

An online store owner can be greatly benefited with this app. If business depends entirely on sales, one always has to do much planning to get potential customers. With this easy-manageable app one always gets the scope to arrange attractive discount sales for the customers. Customers also see huge profit in the offer of his store and get moved by the offered discounts. So, an online business owner devises discount offers easily with this app, makes his sales, and thereby profits increased.

To have this app one needs to spend $99.99 only.



ShopPad – Online Business Organizer

ShopPad – Online Business Organizer

ShopPad is a complete solution application for the retailer who seeks to optimize the desktop store for iPhone, iPad and Android without any hassle or extra cost for maintaining different sites. With simple point-and click interface, one’s store can be running on various mobile devices within just five minutes. Any type of mobile device brings new consideration as per interaction, performance etc, which most of the stores are not equipped to implement by their own. But this means these stores are losing sales, revenue, and quite possibly the customer too, forever. ShopPad gives instant solution to this and makes an online business tremendously flourished by the huge traffic of customers to any shop.

ShopPad connects automatically one’s store, and regularly syncs one’s product and category information. Then configuring the app with simple point and click interface, the user can increase AOV and improve his conversion rate.  Customers also love to use it, as with it they get a beautiful, touchable, swipe ‘able shopping experience. It may look like an ordinary app, but it is 100% HTML5 web-based. Without downloading or installing anything, customers can be led straight to shopping. Also it improves social reach of any business owner to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and email.

This App is a great help for online shop owner. He always needs to generate possible customer flow to his shop, which he must execute in attractive online ways. Nothing more than the usage of mobile app can one design the maximum amount of potential customer-generation within shortest possible time. With this application, the owner does exactly this. Informing in today’s technologically suitable way, he ensures maximum potential prospect to explore, and thereby maximum profit to earn.

It is a free app with which an online trader or business owner can make considerable profit.



Improvely – The Revenue Enhancer for Experts in the Ad Industry

Improvely – The Revenue Enhancer for Experts in the Ad Industry

With this incredible application named Improvely, one can learn about the sources from where new customers are coming for doing good business. You will know everything as from which sites, ad clicks or web searches, the most potential customers want to reach you. Moreover, Improvely lets you keep track of the revenues you earn from Bing Ads, Google AdWords, Facebook and other sources of advertising. Besides, it also helps you get instant notifications on fake clicks and hence stops you from making payments wrongly.

Improvely operates in such a manner that you can become the smartest shop owner amongst your rivals. It keeps track on all the visiting sources leading to your site, all the external links, social networking sites like Twitter, G+, Facebook etc, web searches and even on the advertising activities you have been doing. Even when one will be purchasing a thing, you will be made alert through an email that would state the experience your new customer had while visiting your site. Moreover, you will be getting online reports in dozens that will give you details about your traffic source performances. This means that you will come to know everything about all your unique customers and their visiting details.

One of the biggest advantages of adding Improvely to the online store is that it would allure advertising experts who will find it easier to measure their advertising results without putting too much effort. Moreover, it will help one know how much revenue has been generated for every single marketing campaign.

To access the services of Improvely, you will be given a 14-day free trial. This will help you take some time to decide what monthly plan would be suitable for you. The monthly plan starts from $29.00 and goes up to $299. 



Mobile Shopping App by ShoutEm – A Brilliant Mobile Shopping App

Mobile Shopping App by ShoutEm – A Brilliant Mobile Shopping App

If you have been looking forward to use a flexible tool that can help you search and even buy products on the go, why don’t you go for ShoutEm’s Mobile shopping App? On using such a brilliant tool, it will be easier for you to access your customers no matter where you are. Besides, this will be a reliable platform through which you will grab the opportunity to enhance your mobile sales. Moreover, you will be able to get your mobile shop customized with social streams and push notifications that will also play a key role in driving customer engagement. So, those who are desirous of enjoying a pleasant mobile shopping experience can always get this app installed.

On installing this mobile app, it will simply customize the entire look of your mobile shop and will therefore help you match up to your visual identity. Moreover, this mobile app is so flexible that it will be supported on multiple platforms and will therefore let your customers access Google Play apps. Besides, it will be easier for your customers to access HTML5 web apps which they would be able to use through web browsers. Furthermore, you will be able to bring special offers, exclusive deals, attractive discounts and even rewards to all your mobile shoppers.

There is no doubt that adding this incredible mobile shopping app to the online store can prove to be extremely advantageous. Those who want to do mobile shopping while traveling from one corner of the world to another will find this app to be very helpful.

If you want to have quality experiences in mobile shopping, this mobile app will let you do so by making you pay between $19.00 and $119.00 per month. Since it’s a paid app, you will be exposed to multiple features for mobile shopping that would no doubt prove worthy at the end of the day.