Free Initial Consultation

let's get to know each other

The initial consultation will be the first time we meet together. We can meet face to face if you are located in Sydney or via Skype/Phone.

During the first meeting I will ask you a series of questions, so we can find out more about you as a person, a business person and about your business. If you have specific issues or concerns, the initial consultation will be a great time to start discussing these. During the initial consultation I will be making an assessment of your current situation. I will help you to understand what thoughts, attitudes and actions brought you to this point. We will then look forward to help you plan a different, better future.

Shortly after the initial consultation I will send through your personalised coaching program. This program will directly address the areas of your business that we need to work on together. The coaching program will set out:

  1. The business objectives to be achieved through coaching
  2. The coaching techniques and tool-kits that will be used
  3. The duration of the coaching program (ie the number of sessions)
  4. The cost of the coaching program


We found that Sarah spoke in a ‘language’ that we could understand and she was very clear.
— The Team at Dress Temple