5 Day Opt In Challenge - starting 2nd May

The first FREE Thrive Challenge is the 5 Days Opt In Challenge. This challenge starts on the 2nd May!

During this challenge we will be:

  1. Dispelling the myths about pop ups
  2. Discovering why growing your list is so very important for your success
  3. Learning how to create a compelling lead magnet
  4. Learning the tech required to make pop ups work on your site effectively

The 5 Day Opt In Challenge training course materials can be accessed via the Thrive Facebook Group. You can learn more about the group below. If you have any questions - please email me.

This training is 100% free and I hope you join. Here are some of the benefits of learning in a group environment.

  1. More progress: We keep each other motivated in the group
  2. More growth: You learn more when you connect with others and hear about their experiences
  3. More Knowledge: There is a lot more free training coming to the Thrive Group!

To join all you need to do is click to button. You will be asked for your email address. This is so I can send you a weekly update email in case you miss any of the goodies in the group.



What is the Thrive Your Biz Facebook Community?

The Thrive Your Biz Facebook Community is a totally FREE community for business owners and entrepreneurs. I host the community as Facebook Group. Its is a closed group so you need to request access to it. To do this you must click the join button below. This will sign you up the Thrive Your Biz Community newsletter and give you the link for the group. As part of the community you will receive:

  1. Unlimited access to me - ask me anything you want
  2. A community of supportive like minded people
  3. A weekly snapshot delivered via email covering the tips discussed in the community for that week
  4. Access to Thrive Challenges - which are actionable insights you can implement to grow your business

My Dream for the Thrive Your Biz Community

One of my goals for this group is to equip every member of the group with the knowledge and skills to implement online business strategies that will help you to grow your business.

These online strategies can be grouped in three broad categories:
1. Strategies to improve your website
2. Strategies to grow your list
3. Strategies to increase your audience

So often as business owners we struggle with having the time to implement changes in our businesses. We get caught in the status quo. We often hear about new business techniques to increase leads, improve conversions, get sales etc but we are unsure whether it will work in our business. So we ended up staying as we are and not implementing the new technique. Over time this means that we are missing out on new opportunities to grow our businesses.

I know its really hard to find the time to work "on your business" when you have so much to do "in the business". So I want to make it easier for you.

To do this we are going to hold bi-monthly challenges (during term time - yes most of us are entrepreneurs).


So twice per month we will be learning about a new strategy and then going ahead and implementing it in our business the following week.

The challenge format will follow something like this. I will be creating a series posts for the challenge week that are designed to educate and empower you to implement that strategy the following week. So the format will be something like this (it may need some finetuning):
Post 1: Intro to the Challenge Topic - key things you need to know
Post 2: Check your mindset - what is holding you back
Post 3: Steps and Examples - what you need to do
Post 4: Video Overview - pulling it all together
Post 5: Do Sheets - putting it all into action with worksheets to guide you

Then the following week I will be checking in to see how people are going and to offer help and guidance.

A couple of points to note:

1. These online business execution strategies can be used for all business - not matter what type of business you have. These apply to EVERY business including bricks and mortar businesses

2. I will try to make it as simple and actionable as possible. I will try to limit the jargon.

3. If you commit to implementing these in your business you will see tangible improvements.

4. I will be here to support you and answer any questions you have

All the strategies I am sharing are proven strategies developed by leading experts. My role is to share the knowledge and to support you in implementing it. I will be implementing all these strategies across my businesses as well. So we will all be learning as we are going.

The first challenge will kick off 2nd May 2016 and the challenge is: Start List Building Opt In Challenge. I will share more about this in coming posts.

Put the 2nd of May 2016 in your calendar!


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So do you want to join?