A thought for today....

Low prices can always be beaten. Stunning design ages quickly and can easily be copied. Impeccable uptime can be matched and your features copied. However, a good customer relationship is unique, and loyal customers are hard to steal - Des Traynor - taking a customer from like to love

Today I was reading a great article by Des Traynor and it is a timely reminder to all small business owners on the important of making your customer feel valued.


The chart above is from research by Rockefellar Corporation on why customers leave. 68% leave because the customer believes you don't care about them. Its not because of price or product.

The chart is a good reminder to take an hour out of your work day on Monday and think about your customers. Are you rewarding loyal customers? Are you giving your loyal customers special offers? Have you thanked your loyal customers lately? Do you know who your loyal customers even are?  

We recommend that you review all your customer communications - email notifications from your website, the way you write your emails to your customers, your newsletter and your social media to check that your are communicating to your customers that you value them. Think about all the touch points the customers have with your business. This will include phone calls and the parcel they received their order in. You can show them you value them by the words you use and the offers you present them.

If you need help to work out who your loyal customers are and how to reward them and you are on Shopify or BigCommerce contact us for assistance.