Orankl -  reviews and email marketing

What is it?
Orankl is about giving you the same tools that big merchants like Amazon use to maximize sales. When you install Orankl you get top of the line review system and Smart email marketing, which increases sale.

How does it work?
With Orankl it is Amazlingly easy to have reviews on your store. Reviews alone have been shown to increase sales on average by 20%. Our review system will increase consumer trust and reduce return rates. it drive traffic coming from search engines and adapt to your page design. A review form is inserted in every product page and your customer behavior is tracked. Example product seen, reviews and purchase patterns. The integration is one – click and the review form automatically mimics the style of your website.

What is the benefit to my business?
Review itself increase on the average 20% sale, reduce return rates and increase user trust and engagement. Personalized email marketing outperforms social marketing by several orders of magnitude and has been one of the secret weapons used by the most successful online retailer like Amazon.



How much does it cost?
Starter is free up to 200 requests per month; it helps in private messaging, customizable review form, and support via email.Business plan is $49 per month, which has up to 500-review request.  This plan helps in private messaging, customizable review form. It support via email. Smart email marketing, and improved SEO.Enterprise Plan- has unlimited to reviews and request per month and also has 24/7 phone and chat support and white label solution.

How we can help?
Orankl analyses all your customers data, products they click on your website, review and purchase patterns to recommend products individually, we figure out cross up sales opportunities automatically so that you don’t miss a sale. Personalized email is one of the most powerful marketing tools, which has used by the most successful online merchants, and we are giving It for you.