Footrr is an advertising company that lets you reach people in emails and forum signatures, but mostly email signatures.

Traditional Ads don't work very well anymore. Advertising in newspapers and magazines are expensive and can't guarantee deliverability to the targeted customer. Even if it does work, would you advertise your website on every newspaper in New York? And how much do you think that would cost?

Digital Ads used to work quite well before the internet became diluted with advertisements. Now people actively ignore ads. Think of Facebook and all the ads you see in the right column. Almost everybody ignores those ads because, although they may be relevant, they aren't grabbing attention. It could be because you are seeing 3-6 ads per page, and it could be because the ad was boring. It's hard to tell.

But digital advertising is cheap! No doubt. Digital advertising can cost almost nothing compared to traditional advertising andthey can reach hundreds of millions of people in a matter of minutes. Billboards, magazines, newspapers, leaflets and brochures cost a lot of money and are limited on time and resources.

Although digital ads can make you visible to the entire world very quickly, it doesn't mean people will interact or acknowledge you. Often it's because their attention has decreased because there is so much going on, like multiple ads being shoved in your face. Next time you're on a popular website like Google search or Facebook, count how many ads they serve you.

Footrr is a digital ad system, and that's the truth. However, your ad is now being highlighted and it's the only one being displayed. Below is a sample email written on Gmail. Take note of the first couple things you notice.

Chances are you notices this was an email with a lot of text. You probably noticed the trash can and the send button at the bottom. And you probably noticed the ad. This Footrr Ad was just a sample to show you the power of single advertisements (meaning your ad is not bundled with 4 other ads). Most people notice the ad before they even start reading the email.

Influence is a major player in all marketing and advertising. If you're friend says “Godzilla was an awful movie!” and you had planned to go see it this weekend, you're likely to change your mind and watch something else. On the other hand, if a friend says “Bad Neighbors” was really good, you're more likely to see that movie over other movies. And if a friend shows an ad in their email, you are more likely to click it because there is a level of influence present.

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