Time for a new website? Looking for a reliable design firm?
If you have already tried Googling, then you are probably wondering how you will begin to cut through the masses of companies offering their design services. Your website has become a new shop front; the first interaction that many new customers will have with you is online. How often have you dismissed a company because of a second-rate homepage, or left a website because you couldn't quickly find the information you needed?

Selecting a company just because they offer cheap website design is not the right solution. You risk losing money and customers by choosing a bad design company. Here are some significant strategies to choose a good web design company

Get a recommendation
It's the first thing we all do when we need a plumber. Ask around. No one will give a more candid referral than a trusted friend or colleague.
Check the design firm's portfolio
Ask to see the design company's portfolio and make sure that you view it online.
You should be confident that the company's design style appeals to you. Are the existing websites in the company's portfolio simple to navigate, easy to use and mistake free?
Who are the designers' other clients, and do they have the relevant experience to suit your needs?
Are they asking enough questions?
In a meeting, take note of the design company's approach. Specifically, are they asking you enough questions? A good company will not leave your meeting and certainly will not offer a quote before they understand every aspect of the project you are proposing. What is your ambition for the site? How will it be used? Why are you replacing the old one, when is your deadline and what do you want from the content and functionality of every page?
If a designer marches in all-guns-blazing, pitches his concept then leaves... he probably has no idea of what you need. Be wary.
Plan what you want to ask the design company
Think about what you will want to use your website for in advance of meeting with any design companies and create a short list of questions which you want them to answer within their proposal.
What does the design agency understand about the reputation and brand of your company, how would they ensure that the new website enforces this?
What do they understand about the processes your business follows, and how could the new website aid those processes?
If you stick to these rules you will be well on the way to finding the best website development company has to offer.
So choosing a website design company is a great factor to the success of your Website or Business.