What is it?
Slideshare another way of presentations it is also called “ YouTube of PowerPoint presentations, in that it allows you to upload and share via embedding or individual links, of slideshow of any short. It is actually really popular and the audience is quite targeted.

How does it work?
Our curiosity in SlideShare was first peaked after checking out this Infographic about the service, particularly this section below:

What is the benefit to my business?
The biggest prospective with the slideshare platform was with how well they treated their top presentations. Great slideshows would make the homepage, and would often be under a “ featured section for days at a time.
We have seen presentations hit thousands of views after being featured there, so we order to have a big impact on our traffic, we knew that’s where we wanted to be.

How we can help?
The SlideShare for WordPress plugin allows you to easily add SlideShare presentations to your post and pages.

It’s quite simple. First you install this plugin: search for slideshare in the admin panel, install and activate, then you go to any slideshare presentation and do the following.

Then copy the shortcode into your post or page where you want the SlideShare presentation to appear.