10 Web- Myths
I can’t afford a website

Many businesses think they cannot afford professional web development, as well as the associated upfront and ongoing fees that comes with having a website. However when taking into account the benefit that a website delivers the cost of producing and maintaining it becomes proportionally small.

Advantages of having a website includes

  • ease of contact
  • Potential for previously untapped sources of new business
  • Product/service descriptions
  • The potential for online transactions
  • Streamlining of processes such as booking etc.

The cost savings and revenue generating potential this entail quickly surpasses the financial outlay of a websites establishment.

Websites looks same on all devices!

Just because your site looks fine on your computer, don’t assume it looks good everywhere. Remember that different browser display the HTML code slightly differently. Not everyone’s size and resolution is set to the same value either. A website is not like a print document or static image, text and layouts nee to be changeable with different screen sizes and amounts of content. Herein lies the challenge in designing for web rather than traditional media.

We have a strict quality control process, which ensures that your site will look good on all popular web browsers and screen resolutions for the most professional presentation of your website.

Traditional advertising methods are more effective
Many small businesses still rely heavily on traditional methods of advertising such as placing ads in the local newspaper or Yellow Pages. But if potential customers are moving online, you really need to be online too.
There are an abundance of statistics that show the declining rate of advertising in print media and the rise in online forms of marketing. With a website:

  • you can reach more people
  • your website works 24/7
  • a website is cost-effective and sustainable
  • a website is viewable on mobile devices, allowing you to be found anywhere
  • an online presence shows your business as modern, progressive and dynamic

The question is – ‘can you afford not to be online?”

SEO is a dark art
SEO – On-page search engine optimisation is the art of optimising each page on a website so that search engines display a website in the search results for relevant phrases.
There are a number of crucial elements where a webmaster should place their keywords, such as the Meta Title Tag. However, search engines primary aim is to deliver high quality relevant content to searchers, therefore if a webmaster adds high quality, unique and fresh content to their website regularly they will already be half way there.

My business is local - I don't need a website.
So why would local customers look for your business' website? A large, and increasing number of people have completely replaced traditional finder services such as the Yellow Pages with the internet. Even if a business is next door, many people will still use the internet as the first resource for finding information such as:

  • opening hours
  • additional information about your products and/or services
  • exact location and directions
  • contact information such as phone number, email
  • pricing information and available stock

In short – the internet is not going to get any smaller, in fact its rate of increase in size is dramatic. Percentage of population online: 2009 - New Zealand – 83.4% and  Australia – 71.8%; Businesses not using this essential resource will find themselves more and more excluded from the modern economy.