What is it?
Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform, reaching a highly engaged audience through distribution to top publisher sites, including CNN, Fox news and many more.  Outbrian provides publishers a service for recommended links to increase traffic and generate revenue.

How does it work?
Outbrain provides links to other web content that it believes will interest the reader, enabling publishers to monetize through third-party content. Outbrain main concern is to put their readers first and make sure they trust the publisher and show them interesting pieces of content. But the publishers, it’s the new monetization avenue.

What is the benefit to my business?
Behind the scenes there is a lot of technology that goes into looking at the data and offering content for each reader. But, on face value on the page, it just helps the reader discover as much content as possible, similar to flipping the page in the magazine. And it’s not an ad- it is part of the reading experience.


How much does it cost?
Simply select a daily budget minimum of $10 and cost per click. You pay only for traffic you receive at the cost –per click you set, until you have reached your daily budget.
For example, with a $10 daily budget and 15c cost per click, you’re willing to pay 15c for every click up until you spend $10. So this will get you 66 clicks to your content if you reach your maximum. The more clicks you get the more you’ll be recommended.