Can a business ‘own’ a color? Perhaps not but when a color is sprayed in a logo, it’s at least strongly associated with you and your company. If a shape provides the form of a symbol, color is what fills it up. You best believe it when marketers say that there is psychology behind the use of color in business.

It is important to understand this psychology of color choices. Color selection can make for more effective organization but it can just as much make your company a literal eyesore. Colors evoke feelings and represent ideas. In logo design, knowledgeable and appropriate use of color is critical.
Every business wants a logo that’s very unique and memorable. It’s the overall objective from when they’re creating a concept to when they finally decide on one. A logo should be capable of reflecting the business and conveying the message as well. And the simpler the logo, the more likely it leaves a long lasting impression on a person’s mind because simplicity is easier on the memory.
It’s why the element of color in a logo is often underestimated. How many people notice that many big-time social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) use shades of bluein their logo? Why do you think people choose colors that best suit a particular personality? Colors affect people in many ways, whether it’s based on their age, gender, ethnic background, industry etc. Even the slightest changes in shade can have drastically different reactions.
You can’t also forget the visual functionality of certain colors. White is a common background color in web sites because it’s easier for most people to read against a white background. Market researchers have also determined that impulse shoppers respond best to red-orange, black and royal blue while frugal spenders respond best to pink, teal, and navy.
Finally, a logo that’s usually colored could risk losing half its impact in when that color is changed or lost. Consider this when you find yourself constantly unable to decide on a final design or changing logos on a whim. They may not mean much in the grander scheme of B2B marketing and lead generation but the subtle effects it has at the start of the sales funnel shouldn’t be ignored.