Firstly what is a website generator? I personally hadn’t heard this term until 2015 but website generators are software either on your desktop or in the cloud that helps you to create websites. Some as designed for business owners and some are designed for web designers.

Website generators can be great for people who are a bit tech savvy, enjoy creating things and have a bit of design flair. Does this describe you? Then you are ready to create your own website using a website generator. If this doesn’t sound like you, you can still use these platforms but you might want to get some help. So many clients call me after they have spent hours and hours trying to get their site looking good only to find that there are loads of elements of the site that are still not right.

Lets have a look at some of the main website generators. Some of these I am looking at for the first time.  There are always new platforms emerging and now is a good time, at the start of 2015 to have a look at these.


Of the generators we are showing in this article, Squarespace is by far the easiest for a business owner to use. You don't need to code and you don't need to see code. It is entirely intuitive. It is beautiful software, has stunning themes and is insanely easy to use. We use Squarespace for Boutique Business Consulting.


Macaw provides the same flexibility as your favorite image editor but also writes semantic HTML and remarkably succinct CSS. It's time to expect more from a web design tool.


Webflow generates valid markup and stylesheets, using clean code. All sites are responsive. They offer hosting packages for the websites you create.


Work in the environment you're designing for – the browser. You have full control over desktop and mobile layouts, which are responsive from the start. You can create the websites and then export them for hosting.

We are going to sign up and have a play with Froont and Webflow. Stay tuned for our more detailed review on these two platforms. In the meantime we can't recommend Squarespace enough. If you are interested in a Squarespace website for your business please contact us.