Today I thought I would share the 10 best podcasts I listen to. I have invested hundreds of hours of my time in listening to these incredible experts.

Before I get into the top 10 - actually its 13 - I thought I would explain how to listen to a podcast for those that have never listened to one before.

What are podcasts and how do you listen to them?

What is a podcast? Essentially it is an audio show similar to a radio station. Anyone can create a podcast and upload their audio files to iTunes or Android Play. Your audience can subscribe to your podcast channel and every time there is a new episode it is downloaded onto your phone and ready and waiting for you to listen.

There are a number of different ways you can listen to podcasts. The app you use to listen to them is called a podcatcher. Everyone with an iPhone has the podcast app already on them phone. However there are other apps that users rate such as: Pocket Casts, Overcasts, Stitcher Radio

To start listening - all you have to do is open the Podcast app of your choice. Select search and start looking for podcasts on the topics you are interested in. It is too easy.

You can listen to podcasts when you are driving, going for a walk, cleaning the house, lying in bed. Podcasts help you to claim back dead time. You can make use of this time by investing it into your own self development. My favourite times to learn to podcasts are when I am on long drives, doing the ironing or on my daily walk.

So here are the top 13 podcasts....

Number 1: Amy Porterfield

Amy shares about online marketing, content marketing, list building and more. Amy is my go to girl for all things online marketing. She is a Facebook ads, webinar and online course expert and always shares openly and honestly about her experience. I can't recommend this podcast highly enough. Access here in iTunes.

Number 2: School of Greatness

The School of Greatness podcaster is Lewis Howes. Lewis describes himself as a lifestyle entrepreneur. This podcast covers a huge range of topics that help improve you as a person and as an entrepreneur. Lewis is easy to listen to. You will come away from his podcast richer in knowledge and wiser in insights. Access here in iTunes.

Number 3: Foundr

Good old Nathan Chan - he is an Aussie from Melbourne. He has created a podcast that help start ups to get started and grow - especially if they want to get funding. He interviews great thought leaders and industry experts. Access here in iTunes.

Number 4: I Love Marketing

Joe Polish and Dean will open your mind to think about marketing in a whole new way. These guys are fun, informative and they really will change your view of marketing forever. Access here in iTunes.

Number 5: Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn - is one of my favourite guys. He is open, honest and insightful. He share heaps of great tips on how you can build passive income streams in your business. Be sure to subscribe to this one. Access here in iTunes.

Number 6: Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

I love this podcast. This podcast gives you an in depth insight into social media. Michael covers all the latest insights on social media in depth. This podcast helps you to stay abreast of all the latest tools, tips and techniques. You won't be left behind again. Access here in iTunes.

Number 7: The Art of Paid Traffic

The Art of Paid Traffic is Rick Mulready's podcast on Facebook Advertising. Rick is the absolute expert in Paid Traffic. Make sure you subscribe to this one if you are thinking of running Facebook Ads. Access here in iTunes.

Number 8: Screw the Nine to Five

Screw the Nine to Five is a podcast by married couple Jill and Josh. They teach you how to lead a successful location free, laptop lifestyle. Access here in iTunes.

Number 9: Start Up Camp

Dale is a serial entrepreneur. He shares his advice and tip for start ups. Access here in iTunes.

Number 10: This is your life with Michael Hyatt

Its a weekly podcast dedicated to intentional leadership. Michael shares his years of experience to help you live with more passion and focus. Access here in iTunes.

Number 11: The Tony Robbins Podcast

This one has only just launched. I haven't listened to it yet but its sure to be inspirational given how successful Tony Robbins is. Access here in iTunes

Number 12: Ask Gary Vee Show

This podcast is the audio recording from the Ask Gary Vee youtube show. However I like it because I don't have time to sit down and watch Youtube and I find Gary entertaining and challenging. Access here in iTunes.

Number 13: Chalene Johnson

I have only recently learned about Chalene and have just subscribed to her podcast. Chalene shares all about online marketing, social media and more. She might come across to us Aussies as a bit full on. Access here in iTunes.

Who do you listen to?

Do you have a favourite podcast? Who are you listening to at the moment? I would love for you to share as I am always looking for new inspiring people to learn from.